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10 Best Exercises to Do with Weight Plates

If you are working to build muscles and out doing all of your fitness regimes, you’d know you can’t gain optimal fitness with only one piece of equipment. But with just one part of the equipment, i.e. weight plates or bumper plates, you can achieve serious fitness goals.

There are multiple exercises one can do with weight plates to tone their body.

10 Best Total-Body Weight Plate Exercises

Following are the ten best weight plate exercises that you can do at home and the gym.

Classic Push-ups

Yes, just about an equivalent but with an important twist. You’ll be adding weight to your pushups; you’ll also use a vest but investing in an upscale option when plates could work perfectly fine.

Follow these steps for weight plate exercise:

  • Place the plate above the hip level and put it on your butt -Slide 
  • The top half of the plate is on the lower back, and the lower half of the plate is on the highest half of your butt.
  • Get within the Pushup position and decide the number of reps and sets you’re comfortable with.

Plate Carry

It’s a relatively simple but mentally challenging exercise. This exercise requires tons of reliance on the strength of your forearms and grip to take care of the grip on the highest of the plate. The movement challenges your mind and body, don’t break down because as you feel the burn, all the gains are available.

Follow these steps for weight plate exercise:

  • Hold bumper plates set with the help of your hands and walk the maximum amount possible. 
  • Albeit you’ve got less space, the time and weight you carry make the difference.

Russian Twist-Press

This exercise targets multiple muscles at a time, including Abs, obliques, shoulder muscles, and arms, to be precise.

Follow these steps for exercise:

  • Take the position for Russian Twist.
  • Hold the plate with your hands.
  • Rotate the weight plate from side to side, with a press in between 
  • The weighted press will engage your core, work the shoulders and arms at the time of the press, and therefore the Russian Twist is already working your abs and obliques simultaneously.

Impossible Plank

The name itself declares the extent of difficulty. This is often not a beginner’s exercise.

Follow these steps for exercise:

  • Plank with the support of a weight plate in your hands
  • The width of the plate is going to be your area 
  • Hold for as long as you’ll. You’ll use your knees for support just in case it gets tricky.

Plate 8’s

Plate 8 may be an excellent exercise for the shoulders.

Follow these steps for exercise:

  • Hold the plate with hands stretched
  • Make figure 8 patterns within the air keeping elbows straight
  • The larger the pattern, the more challenging it gets.

Reverse lunges

Keep your lower body in sync with your upper body while working out. This exercise will make the lunges challenging by adding weight and not standing during the exercise.

Steps for weight plate reverse lunges:

  • Hold the plate near the chest, and push the plate as you go down
  • Pull the plate closer when you’re back to the first position
  • Remember to take care of the reverse lunge position until the exercise is over.

Calf Carver

This will target the following parts of your body: butt, thighs, and calves.

Follow these steps for exercise:

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart
  • Keep your toes on the floor and heels on the plate (to activate calves)
  • Bend your knees slightly and hands clasped together at the chest
  • Continue for 1 minute.

Get a Raise

This exercise will target your shoulders, back, and abs

Follow these steps for exercise:

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding plate at inside grip with arms extended forward
  • Keeping arms straight and elbows soft, slowly raise plate overhead until biceps meet ears (as shown). 
  • Return to the initial position and continue for 1 minute

The Halo

Steps for the halo exercise with weight plates:

  • Stand and keep your both feet shoulder-width apart. 
  • Hold the weight plate close to the chest with your hands. 
  • As you inhale, lift the plate over the right shoulder, behind the head, over the left shoulder, and back to the start. 
  • Do alternating halos for time.

Shuffle push-ups

For shuffle push-ups:

  • Keep one hand on the plate and one on the floor. 
  • Execute a pushup. 
  • Shift the position of the hands and execute the next push-up.


A workout must be ready to create an overload to be a far better exercise to be through with the bumper plate, or a minimum of the mechanics of the plate should be adding some value to your workout for you to use a plate. 

This list is meant to impact your workout by using the load weight plate to amplify your fitness. All these weight plate exercises will help you tone your body and strengthen your muscles.

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