10 Best Places To Travel Alone In India

10 Best Places To Travel Alone In India

Travel Alone In India

Travel Alone In India” Who doesn’t love traveling? Most of us love to travel from place to place.

Who doesn’t love traveling? Most of us love to travel from place to place. We try to cover almost all famous places near our place as well as in our nation. This is common in every human being. Traveling is a kind of craze which most of us love. We can travel alone, with family or friends and even colleagues. We can travel with anyone we like. But some people don’t like group traveling.

Most people love group traveling thinking it will be fun. But some don’t love group traveling they just want to spend time with themselves and they go for ‘solo traveling’. They just go out of their comfort zone to explore new things. Traveling itself is exploring new cultures, values, things, etc. It teaches many lessons to people. Those who are traveling from abroad can get various direct flights to India from the USA.


Here are some good places that you can travel to in India alone. Traveling alone isn’t easy, one must be completely aware of the place and they must do proper research before going to the place. If you are a foreigner then you should be aware of the language and facts of the places so that no issues arise in the future.

Best Places In India To Travel Alone

For foreigners and even people from other states, various options are available to travel in India. You can explore various cultures, languages with these.

  • Pondicherry[Pondicherry]:

Called the ‘ French Capital of India’. Most of the travelers from outside never miss this place. It gives vibes of staying in some other country. The bench city has all the necessary things near the beaches themselves. Accommodation is also very easy. There are even homestays where you can stay. It is one of the affordable choices a traveler can do, if you are traveling from abroad like the U.S.A, you will get non stop flights from USA to India. You can take bikes for rent to roam around the city. So it is an affordable as well as the best place for the solo trip as it is safe also.

  • Goa [Goa]:

Goa is a world-famous place for various things. You can relax on the beach, or play casino games. Or you can just roam around the city taking the bike for rent. You will get various choices concerning accommodation. Some prefer to stay in hotels near beaches whereas some prefer to sit near the beach. You can even get a homestay option. You can feel safe in some parts of Goa but not everywhere. If you are a woman better carry some things for your safety.

  • Rishikesh [ Uttarakhand]:

If you are someone who wants positive and is mostly focused on spiritualism, this is the right place for you. People who are solo riders or travelers go there to get good positive energy. But safety is not much good compared to other places as the place will be filled with people all the time. You can hardly find some streets not having vehicles at any time. You can find hotels for your accommodation but ensure that it is a trusted place.

  • Hampi[Karnataka]:

Those who have an interest in arts, sculpture, religion, etc can travel to Hampi. Famous for the wonderful sculptures and arts ok the rocks which were made very long ago during the Indian rulers time, it has caught the eyes of art lovers. Perfect sculpture can be seen on the walls of the temples of Hampi. Even the city is good for solo travelers. You can look for hotels which will be available for a cheaper price. One of the best places for solo traveling.

  • Ladakh [ Jammu and Kashmir]:

A place that is a combination of hills and snow. This place is a dream for many people. Going for a solo ride to Ladakh is always overrated. Most of the people visit there every year as it is a cold region better month to go there in the summer season. You can find homestays, hotels that are available at an affordable price.

  • Udaipur [ Rajasthan]:

The beauty of Udaipur is wonderful. You can find different kinds of sculptures and their culture is also wonderful. It is a safe as well as a beautiful tourism place in Rajasthan. The nights at Udaipur are just best. You can find various non-stop flights from the USA to India. The hotels and homestays available there are different than what you find in other places and they are very much affordable also.

  • Manali [Himachal Pradesh]:

The best place for holidays is Manali. Manali is a dream for many people. If you visit in summer you can find various kinds of flowers available and which have been bloomed. The beauty of Manali cannot be expressed in words. They are so good in real.

You can go for a solo trip as the city is also safe for everyone. It is the best place for a solo trip. Also if you are traveling alone you can ensure that you get the best homestays. The homestays are so good that they are between the beauty of nature. One of the affordable place for those wants to travel alone.

  • Varkala [Kerala]:

One beach town in Kerala, which is best for beach lovers. Those who love beaches can go for this place and they are just the best in their way. You can book the best hotels near the beach itself. Everyone feels safe there and very much affordable. It is a must-place for solo travelers who love beaches.

  • Kasol [ Himachal Pradesh]:

Popularly called ‘ Goa Of Hills’, as it is surrounded by hills and it is the best place for nature lovers. Those who want to get good vibes and those who love hills can go for this place. It is one of the best places as well as an affordable place to stay.

  • Spiti Valley [ Himachal Pradesh]:

Located in the North-Eastern part of Himachal Pradesh it is a place that gives the same feeling as Ladakh. They are so good at all kinds of things. Very much affordable and people feel safe there. Homestays are also in-between nature which gives positive energy for the travelers.

Whatever the place might be it is necessary to be aware of all the ways. Safety comes first and girls should be more aware in all ways. Choosing the best homestay to ensure that they won’t share their number or any details with anyone must be followed to ensure the best experience of traveling alone.

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