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10 Best Websites to Learn English Online

Learning and knowing good and grammatically correct English language seems to be the most important factor in education now. We get educated to get employed later in life and today, English communication is the prime need of the hour. English is an international language that is spoken and understood all across the world. Thus, it is important. It gives you more confidence to socialize and speak up in the crowd.

Assignment help is given to provide help in learning the English language better. There are many ways to learn English online free courses, wherein how to communicate in English is taught. Learning useful tips could initiate interest and boost confidence in speaking and writing English.


Best Websites to Learn English Online

There are a number of English learning websites for students, available on the internet. Some are free of cost while others are paid in nature. Experts coordinate efficiently to teach how to communicate in English. One can recognize at first, the place at which one stands in today’s times to start learning at an advanced level from that segment. There is a wide range of private and public online sessions available in the market across the globe that can be chosen from.

  1. BBC Learning English – One of the top-ranking best websites to learn English online, the BBC website has tons of free tools that can be used to learn the English language. One can practice repetitively on these tools and acquire the knowledge of speaking and listening to fluent English. Vocabulary is developed from the beginning and grammar as well. The whole course in BBC Learning English is divided with respect to kids, youth and adults.
  2. Amigos Ingleses – This website aims at Spanish speakers who usually have the habit to speak Spanish, but want to learn this internationally approved the English language to get stability and security in terms of employment and validity. They teach English in a fun way and even have a YouTube channel that promotes the language in a very interesting way.
  3. Duolingo – Learning becomes fun when games and quizzes are introduced to it. Self-assessment can be made by calculating own levels reached in terms of English language speaking and grammar. Duolingo website is profoundly known for giving more emphasis on pronunciation.
  4. British Council Learn English – Online education has reached heights and keeps on developing technically day by day. The British Council Learn English uses all the latest techniques to help learn English with the most trending resources available for free. Podcasts, Mini Soap Opera, Football, Forums and Online group discussions help to grow fascination about the language.
  5. Live Mocha Assignment help online shows its best example here. in the case of this particular website, learning is not restricted to professors or technical persons, but learning here connects you to different people across the globe who are excelling in the language you are wanting to learn. This creates a more informal approach where it is interesting to interact and have useful learning. People viewing the sessions can make comments and have interactions altogether. Encouragement is shown and simultaneously corrections can be made in a fun way. This super interactive way of learning English has become very famous in the community.
  6. Flo-Joe – For people who want to crack international visa examinations and education/employment visas like IELTS, Cambridge First or Advanced/Proficiency exam. Flo-Joe website offers such an arrangement to crack these competitive exams useful for settling abroad for a certain period of time.
  7. News in Levels – This website creates a different level of learning English plus also increases your general awareness. News is spoken and written in the English language and in a simple way so that it can be understood with lesser complicated words. In this way, more knowledge is also distributed and people get comfortable with English as well.
  8. Lyrics Training – It is one of the best English learning websites free in the market. The repetitive manner of singing an English song’s lyrics helps to induce the happy hormones and simultaneously learn the English lyrics of the song also. This website introduces a unique way of learning English online, by filling in the missing lyrics of the song after learning it. This triggers the mind to easily remember new English words and obtain good vocabulary.
  9. TED – To develop good English listening skills, TED talks which is a very famous talk show where people come up with stories that have made them who they are today including all struggles and motivations in life. Listening to these shows not only inspires the listeners but also help develop good English communication. Whereas in other English movies or videos, subtitles are abbreviated and then show below, TED subtitles present below the screen do not have any abbreviated words in English. They present the English sentences as it is.
  10. Talk English – English language here is presented in various forms that relate to the way it is spoken while travelling or in a business or for interviews or generally.


The above are the best English learning websites, which are recommended by all. Being a language spoken widely all across the world, its dominance overpowers other native languages. Its place in the global market is at the top for actualizing businesses and work. Speaking in English promotes customer’s faith and service. Communication is encouraged and misunderstandings are avoided. In the segment of entertainment also, most of the movies are pictured in English. It acts as a base for other languages and helps you learn them too with ease.


Assignment help, Australia provides us with the best techniques and methods to learn fluent English in a short span of time. It also provides free English learning websites to develop both language speaking and writing. This way one can learn English online free speaking at one’s own comfort sitting at home. All four skills can be improved namely reading, writing, listening and speaking that can encourage a sense of accomplishment and boost confidence.

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