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10 ways instantly improve your tennis game

10 ways instantly improve your tennis game

This week, tennis players of all levels can climb the French Open as a suitable continental Wilson test, watch the world’s best players shoot and drive at an uncomfortable pace for most motorists on nearby highways. Now, in the midst of the madness of Grand Slam tennis, many fans are starting to feel a little ashamed of their game, wondering why there are no forward, backward, spin, speed, or fifty rations. Americans in the best position.

John Isner, currently the eleventh single man. Well, you’re not a pro, but there are some simple and easy changes fans can make to become better players overnight. Here Isner’s personal trainer Mike Sell, along with the Americans Bradley Klahn and Matt Little, Wimbledon trainer Andy Murray, shared his top tips on how fans can turn off the television and come onto the field. From home with the strongest and most successful athletes.

1. Follow the course of the tennis game

Stop being creative in the field and start taking photos that you know will succeed. “The best players only have one or two game models in the tennis game,” says Sell. “But amateur players have a lot more, they are more distracting. The amateur player wants some shots they like, but the best players always try to improve their shots. Sell, who also coached Mardy Fish and Monica Seles, says you do Can that? If you look at Isner’s or Rafael Nadal’s latest game, you can easily see what he’s talking about. “They like to be served before the game. They find a model that works and they follow it. “

2. Move the slice

Service is the biggest hit in tennis, but that doesn’t mean you have to regret the ball at all costs for the rest of the tennis game, Sell says. “I feel like the fans are trying to get out and hit the components as hard as possible at 100% speed,” he says. “The advantage, however, is that you can see 80 percent [speed] and position. You have prepared your first hit. Sell ​​says fans should focus on accuracy when giving birth and consider extra speed or jumping as especially good.

3. Place your back foot behind the ball

Klahn, who won the 2010 NCAA championship while studying at Stanford, says that he always makes sure that his weight is on his back leg before each hit. “The back legs and the weight behind the ball make it easier to carry the load and have a much more stable grip,” said the 23-year-old, who is currently 73rd at the ATP World Championship. “With all of my weight on my back leg, I can put it on my lap instead of putting my feet on the ball and stretching.” Some sturdy and suitable Murray trainers also value good footwork. “All shots start from the ground and it’s important to be in the right place to get the ball well,” he said.

4. Play a moment of the tennis game

What if you lose a few points to the guy in the club who usually kills him on the court? Adjust your momentum, says Sell. “A lot of fans lose two points and try to defend themselves,” he said. “But then they are less organized and panic.” Instead, Sell advises fans to slow down. “Repeat every 20 seconds between points. Take a deep breath. On the other hand, if you score points on your serve, try to save that moment.” If you get two points in a row you have a moment to play. more quickly. says sales.

5. Drink with every change:

“Amateur players don’t store, eat, or drink while playing,” says Sell. But look at the pros and Nadal sees a sports and water drink every step of the way and Isner eats a piece of bar cliff, says the trainer. “It helps maintain your energy levels throughout the race. You need to stay hydrated and have the energy to win.”

6. Don’t follow every beat:

One is aggression and the other is indifference. “You don’t want to risk shooting,” Klahn says. “Put your shots down and pick a target on the pitch that you’re sure you can launch an airstrike without too much risk.”

7. Recognize your opponent’s weaknesses and stay with him. 

There is a five-minute warm-up before each game. Use this time to prepare for the game (of course), but also to test your opponent with your hands and hurry to find out what’s best or worst for you. “Since then,” says Sells, “you have been able to develop strategies to improve your strengths and weaknesses.” According to the coach, you have two options for attacking: It means that at the beginning of the game you hit the loin with one hand. “You have to fight with your eyes,” says Sell. “They will try to hide their weakness, but then you will change when the back opens.”

8. Tighten

If you typically don’t play well in the first 15 minutes of a game, stretch forward or longer. Whether it’s a static stretch, a short pose, or a dynamic stretch that relaxes you with some exercises, just do what the child says. “The increase in overtime [Murray] has manifested itself,” said the star’s UK coach of him, who won 2012 Olympic gold in the men’s singles. “On a sportbike like tennis, muscle stiffness and joints can be very helpful in moving freely.

9. Leave the professional side of the racquet page. 

Sell ​​says Isner has a man who weighs all of his sticks with the correct tension, balance, and leads to suit his playing style on the pitch. “Most amateurs go to the tennis store and take everything off the shelf,” says Sell. Okay, so you are not a pro gamer with a pro gamer salary, but you can spend a little more money to become a sports pro and complete your game.

A slower player needs a stronger string. The starting base, which doesn’t have much energy, needs a stronger string, “says Sell. A person like John [Isner], who probably has the best tennis racquet, doesn’t need a stronger string because he has already a lot of strength. “A coach recommends a trip to a local club and asks who can fix the racket. “

10. Save videos. 

Or at least find a partner who records garden videos with your smartphone. When you look at the course, you will probably be amazed at how many aspects of the game need to be changed or changed. “There are things laypeople can look at with an inexperienced eye,” says Sell. “It can help you do some things, like standing in the wrong place, or hitting [blows] too deeply or too shortly.” Sell ​​adds that video analytics is a great help for professionals like Isner to improve their game.


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