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11 Best Online Grocery App to Buy Groceries in 2021

Online Grocery App and Groceries come under essentials, and we know that basic necessities never go out of style. Be it a pandemic or any other major crisis in the world, we might halt the needs, but it never gets extinct with its existence because of its major importance in people’s daily lives. This requirement generates a lot of rush and competition with grocery delivery app development companies.

With a lot of technology integration, we have concluded with some of the best and widely used Grocery delivery app that have surfaced and are popular with users worldwide.

Best Online Grocery Delivery Apps in 2021


A complete range of the supermarket in your device that you can virtually visit, choose your favorites, add to the cart, and check-out with any preferred linked wallets or online transactions with your debit or credit card.

The best part is the seamless return policy, 10% refund discount if the order isn’t completed on the estimated time and direct availability of food items from the farmers to the users.



One of the popular leaders for online grocery app, Instacart, covers 80% of the US population with its services. The grocery delivery app has tie-ups with local grocery giants that help in on-time delivery. The grocery store is extremely popular as it doesn’t limit its users to stick to a single store for all their purchases; rather, they allow shopping from multiple stores. In addition, it helps the customers compare prices, and the user can easily compare and get the items for the best prices available.


This app has a slightly different approach, and you can label it as a tech-driven courier service with your daily requirements. With the help of GPS’s integrated features, users can easily be provided with their requirements checking the availability of the products. The company is successfully serving in more than 3500 cities and 250,000 merchants. Not limited to just the groceries, the app allows users to order anything from anywhere in the city without any delays as the services are available 24/7.


An online grocery app, with the availability of food items comprising of dairy products, meat delivery and many more. The app’s vision is to deliver fresh products to its users with enhanced quality and better than the other big supermarkets. The user interface is easily managed and easy to use for customers without creating any confusion.


With more than 50,000 loyal shoppers, Shipt is a grocery delivery app with multiple unique features catering to its services that attract the users; for example, it notifies the customers whenever there is a sale on products. Also, the order again feature makes it much easier for users to purchase their regular items without wasting time to surf and scroll on the app.


We can sense in the name of the grocery delivery app that the app’s priority is to deliver the freshest items to its consumers. It offers an extra fee for extremely fresh items for people who are very concerned about having fresh veggies and fruits on their table every single time. The delivery for the item is quick, prices vary a little, but there is no harm in paying a little extra for the freshness we as users will get to enjoy.


The grocery delivery app has now expanded so much within such a short period that it is the essential service provider for pet shops, house-help services, pharmacies, and butchers. The app has successfully grown into creating a user base of more than 350,000 active users. Also, the startup has been nominated as one of the most promising startups of the Forbes middle east region.

Walmart Grocery Delivery

We are all familiar with Walmart; the Walmart Grocery Delivery app is one extended version of the store that provides online deliveries. The delivery services provide one great feature: booking the time slot to get your groceries delivered at a specific time. A yearly subscription feature can also save upto a lot of additional delivery charges.


We have a lot of faith in the name itself. Being amongst the Prime members, users can easily get products delivered from AmazonFresh. Popular for its grocery delivery services, AmazonFresh gets products like fruits, vegetables, canned goods, packaged snacks, raw meat produced, and other household supplies like batteries, paper, cleaning products, grooming products, etc.


Grofers is another big name for grocery delivery that was founded in 2013 but has created a huge impact on the users with its product’s availability and quick deliveries. The online Online Grocery App links customers to local merchants and offers essentials like groceries, vegetables, fruits, and essential goods. With Grofers, payments are way too easier with the integrated wallets and other online or netbanking.

Nature’s basket

Like every other name mentioned above Nature’s basket also aims at bringing the finest food quality and staples to its customers. Nature’s basket is reliable and trusted by many for relaxed shopping. Many available offers and discounts on grocery items can be availed with the use of the grocery delivery app. Regular updates with notifications regarding trending and daily offers will be available as reminders for users.

Online Grocery App – Final Note

Online Grocery App like these have occupied and became an important part of our daily schedule. We are living a robotic life, and with technology taking over, it can be the best suitable option for escaping some time and using it the right way with your loved ones.


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