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13 Best German Watch Brands

Best German Watch Brands

Given Germany’s reputation for meticulous craftsmanship, it is not surprising that the best German watch manufacturers offer excellent design and purely technical prowess. On the other hand, it is probably the only country in the world that gives Swiss people the opportunity to earn their own money. This is thanks to several German luxury watch manufacturers such as A. Lange & Söhne, Glashutte Original, and Montblanc. Even so, the country’s industry is much bigger than just big brands.

Let’s name the 13 best German watch brands. Some use the best watches from many years ago, while others are relatively new to the game. If you’re also a fan of beautiful watches, be prepared to discover a considerable number of unique designs and durable mechanics, as the best German watch manufacturers can’t help but do.

Here are the 13 best German watch brands without special classification, from mass manufacturers at low prices to exclusive shop workshops. Take it, Switzerland!

1. A. Lange & Sons

With over 173 years of history, A. Lange & Söhne is one of the oldest watch brands in the world. It was originally founded by Ferdinand Adolph Lange, who ran the family business and made some of the finest pocket watches of the 19th century. Over the decades, society developed and changed significantly over time, eventually becoming a hallmark of the air clock during World War II. Today it is the leading manufacturer of luxury watches in Germany and shows classic collections such as Lange 1 and Zeitwerk.

2. The time of Archimedes

Although the Archimede watch was launched in 2003, it draws on the manufacturing experience of veteran Karel Ickler and his family. Since Icklers has been making watches since 1924, this leading German company retains a significant advantage over other types. In addition, there are a variety of (relatively) mechanical watches available that include automatic or chronological movements. Above all, the pilots of the German brand are legendary in the world

3. Bethge & Scene

This is one of the last German family producers that was founded in Pforzheim in 1939 and is still operating near the original location. During the Second World War, Bethge & Sons were one of the best German pilot’s watches in the country, which has since developed into a diving, sports and costume watch.

4. Marine design:

Botta Design watches take minimalism to a beautiful extreme and deliberately dispense with all superfluous elements. The result is an award-winning model like KB, which was (likely) the first modern watch to adopt the one-hand principle. It is more than one of the best German watch brands and now in its purest form.

5. Chronoswiss

Do the best German watch companies also have to work outside of Germany? If you think that way, you might miss Chronoswiss, which gives the name “Swiss” and which is currently from Lucerne, Switzerland. On the other hand, this big brand was founded in Monaco, Germany in 1983. On the other hand, it brings out some notable luxury timepieces, many of which strike a balance between traditional mechanics and excellent design. Maybe you don’t need to check.

6. Damascus

Before founding his own company in 1994, Konrad Damascus developed high-quality materials and applications for the aerospace industry. In order to use the wallpaper sensibly, Damascus continues to use patented and almost indestructible materials in the trimmings and cabinets. Eurofighter test pilots are officially worn by all German pilot watch brands. If you are looking for a good example of German engineering, you can find it here.

7. Daniel Melchert

Daniel Malchert, the newest member of the long watch line, is a potential champion. The lettering “Made in Germany” is on the button of his famous Schlossberg model and “Made by Daniel Malchert in Germany” can also be read. It was handcrafted from the ground up and is one of the best German micro brands out there. Mention is made of Malchert’s role as a service provider, which is directly deconstructive in models from Omega, Longines, and many others.

8. Guinand

With two rich legacies, Guinand started as a Swiss company and moved to Frankfurt, Germany in 2000. Since its inception in 1865, sound has been an integral part of a range of clock displays, including a speedometer with a speedometer. . After buying industrial legend Helmut Sinn in the mid-1990s, Guinand created the WZU-5, also known as one of the largest pilots watches in history. The company was briefly closed in 2014 and then re-owned by Matthias Klueh. Remains strong in the tradition of Switzerland and Germany.

9. Original glass hut

If the German watchmaker were to be given another name, it could very well be called the Glashütte Original. Theoretically created after the reunification of the country, the roots of the brand go back to the 19th century. Aside from history, luxury collections like the Senator watch and divers like the SeaQ Panorama Date speak for themselves. Between interior watches and a fantastic range of high-quality designs, this brand is easily one of the best in Germany, if not the world.

10. Jochen Benzinger

Jochen Benzinger’s house is an example of a pure German teacher. The attention to detail is unsurpassed in this small business that sees every hour as a true work of art. Buy a variety of high-quality models or choose an individual model. However, you get something completely sophisticated and unique.

11. JunghansJunghansi

Junghans, a traditional brand, if it existed, first founded a watch company in 1861. In the early 20th century, it was the largest watch factory in Germany, and the first watch was produced in 1927 Together with Bauhaus stylist Max Bill in the 1950s and 1960s Over the years, the brand began to call its name a very unique design. Tradition is kept alive by models like Junghans Max Bill, who offers deliberate simplicity and a clear aesthetic purity.

12. Hurry up

This popular brand, named after the German aviation pioneer, Professor Hugo Junkers, brings a pilot to a shopping spree that we can all take with us. Almost all of their best-selling models honor the Junkers themselves or his legendary avenger. Plus, clock back and forth in the same Bauhaus style at a low price.

13. Hanhart

Speaking of Swiss and German traditions, Hanhart also contains two respective worlds. Founder Johann A. Hanhart introduced the brand in northeastern Switzerland before moving to South Germany decades ago. A series of extraordinary watches and pilot chronographs followed, and this important legacy still underscores the company’s continued success.


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