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15+ Times Common Sense Went Out the Window for best Interior Designers

Common Sense Went Out the Window

Common Sense Went Out the Window In this blog, we’re going to have a look at different rooms and design choices some people have made, that just don’t make sense to the normal interior designer.

Hotel room styled house

Hotel rooms are nice to stay in for a few days, but does anyone want their bedroom looking so formal 24/7? Not only is it unoriginal, since it is copying the majority of hotel styles, but it is also very unexciting. In case you do like this design, adding some complexity to the room is also a good idea, like wall décor and such, to steer away from the standard simplicity hotel rooms have.

Carpeted bathroom

It makes sense to have a small carpet or towel on the bathroom floor, and a lot of people have one that they clean about once or twice per week for obvious reasons, but of course we also have some interior designers who have decided to fully carpet a bathroom, the kind that you can’t remove without some heavy machinery, which will definitely build up mold (or worse) over the years.

different walls

Mixing different styles in your house is a great idea and opens room for originality, but you can also end up with a room like this, with brown cabinets, light parquet, a wall that’s painted but also tiled, and long silky drapes. In the case of the room in the picture, lighter colored cupboards to the right would have been much better, and fit the rest of the room.

The very white bathroom

Sometimes aiming for a simple look will lead the interior designer in you towards something like this, an irritatingly bright bathroom that is guaranteed to leave your eyes tired and your head aching. White marble is hard to maintain, and will probably evolve into an off-white in a few years, which is why a few different color choices here would have been better.

Exposed pipes

Exposed pipes could become trendy in some future, but in this case, it’s probably just showing that whoever built this kitchen didn’t plan it ahead. Exposing the pipes as such will expose them to many different things, like dust for example, and will have the owners clean them every week almost, which will also shorten their life span in turn. Hiding them inside the walls protects them.

Lonely kitchen table

This kitchen table allows you to have a very intimate lunch with the white wall it is stuck to. Other than having all the people sitting at it look at nothing but the wall, and screaming EAT at them, it’s also pointy enough to hurt anyone walking without paying attention to it. Sure, being different is cool, but sometimes normal rectangular tables simply feel better to use and live with.

Bathroom and bedroom mix

This room was designed with rest in mind. Resting in bed, and a restroom stuck to it with glass dividing them. I am not sure how private that bathroom will feel while using it, but the sliding door also makes me feel like air circulation wasn’t taken into consideration. Maybe next time a wall or curved corridor should separate the two rooms.

Plant wall

Plants are a great idea to freshen up your room, give it a bit of color and life, while also training your green thumb, but this green wall is just inviting small critters to come and infest these peoples’ homes. I just hope interior designers near me don’t love nature as much as this guy does.

Mixed eras

The drape matches the wallpaper pattern, the brick wall is the same age as that clock, the furniture matches the carpet, it’s as if three people live in this house and decided to separately design and decorate it.

Chic kitchen

A kitchen is usually a messy place, cupboards get scratched all the time, food stains are found left and right, but for some reason this one was made in all white, with some golden touches, and will probably only look good for the first few months, unless extremely cared for by its owners.

Repeating the same pattern

Dark blue walls and curtains, dark floor, golden finishes and a chandelier make this room look as fancy as it is weird. Although it is outdated, maybe its designer should look into mixing styles next time, instead of using the same style everywhere and sticking to one boring ‘luxury’ theme.

Support beams are cool…

…unless they’re in the center of your room, and you have a couch turning around them. Working around them is possible in a lot of cases, but whoever planned this room forced the sofa and tv to be there, around the support beam, instead of fitting them somewhere more remote.

Benches, do or don’t?

Benches might look nice in restaurants or parks, but having one at your own kitchen’s dinner table will probably lead you to avoiding sitting on it every time, since they’re notoriously uncomfortable. Again, sticking to normal is better in most cases, and a few of those white wooden chairs would have been better than that bench.

Corner stove

Ignoring the golden faucet for now, we can see a stove placed in the corner in the background of this image, which makes no sense considering practicality. Using a large pan on it will probably occupy all of it, since its handle can’t be put to the side, or inside the wall, which is why stoves are normally placed towards the middle of the wall.

Plants and heat

Changing heat levels and plants don’t go really well together, now imagine if you have a gas stove increasing the heat around three times per day next to the plant. The plants will probably dry up after a few uses next to the stove unless the owners are moving them away every time they cook.

~By Elie Daccache


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