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5 Innovative tips for commercial electricians to make their task easier

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If you ever have been in the august company of 2 to 3 electricians together then you already know better how fast they begin swapping stories. This is not only true for electricians alone but also for any other service industry as well. Almost every tradesman involved in a highly skilled service job or the other has his own signature style.

He also has a few tricks ready within the folds of his sleeves always to tackle some of the common issues related to the particular trade. Thanks to the virtual web, these real-life stories are no more secret. Sharing and learning about those is now easier than ever. In the following sections of this blog post let us explore few such facts about electricians.

Insulation itch

All electrical works are not done on the side of the walls that is habitable. Thus, compared to any other tradesmen, electricians are more used to sawdust and insulation. Moreover, they have to keep wearing protection gears for the eyes and the face.

This overall situation causes major irritation under the skin. Well, this may seem funny for folks who hardly have to be in their shoes but for electricians, this is no fun at all. How do they overcome irritation to fully concentrate on their work? Many commercial electricians in London having years of experience in the trade carry a bottle of baby powder while others rely on a tiny box of cornstarch.

A strong magnet for company

Wiring a building involves mostly working behind ceilings and walls. In other words, you are constantly in touch with old wires, running and placing new wires, lining up everything from both sides and working from tiny holes made in drywall. To make the task of drawing lines and punching tiny holes easier and free from error here is a very useful trick that is worth sharing.

Magnets can easily detect iron elements and components through lightweight building materials like drywall, wood, tile and others. Use a magnet to detect studs. Other stud finders drain out a lot of batteries. Recharging the battery is a frequent necessity and that slows down the pace of your work. Tie a string to a powerful magnet piece and dangle it along a wall. This strategy even proves effective while inspecting surfaces that are challenging even for a fully charged stud finder device.

  • Guide to fish – Fishing through the backside of any wall is often hectic as things go haywire pretty frequently. Most professionals rely on the trick of heavy nut to ensure the string is kept pulling downward without any distraction. Use a powerful piece of magnet in the box opening to boost the effectiveness of your method.
  • Retrieval application – an electrician has to keep working in crunched spaces. They thus frequently lose tiny objects in places that are not easily reachable. A powerful piece of magnet once again turns out to be the saviour provided the lost items are made of iron or have to iron as a component. Tie the magnet to a string to fish your lost objects back to you.

Replace string with jack chain

Strings are really fine for fishing but since they are made from soft fibres, a string can easily catch on rough surfaces like unfinished wood or insulation. Many a time you just have to apply a different method to get your work done. A jack chain is a wonderful replacement for strings. It proves even more efficient where you have to apply a little pressure on your fishing string. The weight makes it drop straight down and even smoothly slid over obstacles. Moreover, you can also exert a pull on it without being annoyed the connection may break.

Velcro holders

The majority of work orders do not need a number of electricians working on a job. Moreover, a large number of these tradesmen love working single. However, there are moments indeed when they feel the absence of a helping hand to hold out the tester or a spare wire. Smart professionals get a patch of Velcro stitched on the jacket sleeves that turn out to be their additional helping hands. Make sure to glue the opposite texture Velcro on the back of your tester and other gadgets. This enables you to hold your tools and gadgets more conveniently while working alone on projects.

Unsheathe must be done before boxing

Qualified tradesmen dealing in commercial electrical services in London point out striping wires is much troublesome once they are placed inside the box. It always seems smarter at the time to push the wires through sheathed. But it only adds up to your effort or that of another electrician in course of time. So what is the best way out? Thankfully the solution is not rocket science! Just make sure to strip the cable sheathing before you push them into the box.

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