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5 Uses of Morwad White Marble to Accentuate Your Spaces

There are very few stones that look magnificent everywhere, and Morwad white stone is one among them. The ability to be turned into unique artefacts and the natural beauty that it exhibits is the best thing about this marble. And more than anything, the versatility and natural strength with unique texture make it an outstanding choice for our home, interiors, and exteriors.

Marble equals beauty, and there is no fact which can justify the vice versa. In the home construction industry, home revamping, interior, and exterior decoration industry, etc., everywhere, the morwad white marble is considered as a top choice of homeowners. It is regarded as a valuable rock not only in India but is also exported to countries like the USA and the UK. 

Found abundantly in the mines of Kishangarh in Rajasthan, it is one of the most exported stones too. It primarily consists of calcite or dolomite or probably the combination of both minerals. It is that natural substance that has been loved for centuries and has aged with time. Even now, people see marble as a precious stone.

And the best part about the Morwad white stone is that it is as versatile as water. There is no place in your home where you can not put sculptures and accessories made with it. It adds beauty everywhere. Following are five ways in which the white marble Morwad adds beauty to your spaces.


  • Kitchen countertops

The kitchen is the most frequently visited place in our home. We can not and do not miss any chance of going into the kitchen. That is why it is the most vulnerable area too. So, it would be best if you were sure that the countertop is solid and not easily breakable. You might have to put hot utensils or pans directly on the slab, which might damage the counter. But, all your worries can be gone if you own a countertop made with the best morwad white marble. Not only in the kitchen, but these countertops can also be in the bathroom and office. This stone is water and stain-resistant and makes the perfect choice for such areas of your home. 

  • Garden accessories

There are many nature lovers who love to have their garden, whether big or small. And accentuating the grandeur of the park is as important as your homes. With this white stone, you can give a new appeal to your favourite garden. Marble is used to making fountains, statues, planters, etc. All can uplift your garden and grant it an aesthetic appeal. The white colour between the greenery will look fantastic. 

  • Flooring

These are the primary places where morwad white marble is used. Even in the areas with high footfall, marble stands strong. It does not turn yellow, nor does it chip or crack easily. And when marble is detailed with stone inlay work, it adds grandeur to space. The intricate detailing done by the skilled craftsmen on a naturally beautiful stone makes it the breathtaking centre of attraction. You need to take care that the entire flooring must be from the same slab, else it will be a disaster. 

  • Fireplaces 

In India, fireplaces are not very common. But in foreign countries where there is cold weather most of the time, people install fireplaces made with marble in their homes. Other than the look and appeal, there are other practical reasons which make morwad white stone the first choice for making fireplaces. Firstly, marble is a natural stone that ensures that fire does not spread. Another reason could be that marble can be cleaned easily and is robust and long-lasting. So, even if there are ashes stuck or a little blackness from the fire, you can clean it with ease.

  • Wall panels 

Walls are as crucial as flooring, and these are the best areas where you can bombard your decor experiments. And these days, adding wall panels and claddings is considered a unique and effective way to enhance the home’s aesthetics. Wall panels made with white morwad marble add a gorgeous charm to your plain walls and make them look luxurious.


To explain the beauty of natural white marble, it will take an eternity. With so many properties associated with it, marble makes the best material; worth every penny you invest. It is long-lasting, robust, stain-resistant, water-resistant, easy to clean, versatile, beautiful, and the list is endless. It also needs less maintenance and ages like wine. Unless you want to, there is no need to change it frequently too. It is a cost-effective stone that has a luxurious and vintage essence associated with it. And when you get so many pros related to anything, there is no reason you think twice.

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