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6 Social Media Tools You Must Try in 2021

The part played by social media in the marketing of your brand is very significant. According to a study, 70 percent of Americans have an account on at least one social media channel. The same study stated that about 71 percent of buyers who had a great online shopping experience are likely to suggest the brand to others.

Social media marketing can do wonders if it is performed appropriately. You can create different forms of content and share it on many social media channels for drawing new viewers.

Here are the 6 social media tools you should try this year:


It is a social media marketing tool that lets you post your content on social media channels without a hitch. Buffer has some great automation features too.

It can automatically circulate all your posts, as per your posting timetable. Also, you can post when searching on the internet using the Buffer browser extension.

Best features:

  • You can reassess your posts on social media channels, and you can find out what adjustments can assist your post to look superior.
  • It could save you more time by letting you plan your posts on social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest.
  • You can obtain a trial version for Buffer.


This social media marketing tool assists companies and marketers handle their social accounts in the most innovative way.

It’s a software solution that assists you to make a significant and robust connection with your followers.

Best features:

  • With Agorapulse, you can check and answer all of your social media chats under one roof.
  • This tool also helps in personalizing your content for each social media channel.
  • You can get a free trial as well.
  • It aids you to schedule your posts beforehand.
  • You can reorganize your posts time and again.


It is a complete-service platform for dealing with all social media marketing components, from publishing to tracking discussions and evaluating the performance of your social media works. The tool lets you run pre-sales discussions, reply to general questions automatically, and lessen reaction time on social media.

With the automation of your campaigns, NapoleonCat lets you boost effectiveness and saves costs by up to 70 percent. As an authorized Facebook Marketing collaborator, NapoleonCat could be reliable to present steadfast marketing solutions.

Best features

  • Advanced analytics unit for collecting competitive intellect.
  • Social Inbox for handling every social media chat immediately.
  • Many teamwork features assist set up a good workflow, even while your squad works distantly.
  • Scheduler to file and auto-publish content over numerous channels and profiles.

Tweet deleter tool

This tool helps you delete old tweets with a single click. Also, you can reclaim your Twitter Data file for accessing likes and tweets from the time you posted your initial tweet. There are no tweet count restrictions. You simply surf and remove your old tweets and likes.

Best features:

  • It allows you to delete old tweets and likes by just using keywords.
  • Old tweets and likes can be deleted automatically by enabling the automatic tweet and like removal on your setting.
  • The old tweets can be kept safe within the app, but they would be removed from the Twitter timeline.


This social media tool lets you collect info from prominent social media sites in impactful displays. After that, they could be entrenched and re-displayed on different platforms.

The Tagboard Live tool lets you watch your posts live on a screen and gives designs and tools to modify the demonstration. It is one of the top social media management tools available.

Best features:

  • Tagboard employs hashtags for seeking and gathering public social media in moments of being posted.
  • Social media integrations and metrics
  • Real-time notifications
  • Social advertising


This is a great tool that facilitates reinforcing your Twitter accounts. The users can use the integrated tools for deleting the tweets, likes, retweets, or Publish tool to figure out what to tweet. You can check out this Circleboom review to know more about it and its features.

Best features:

  • The power search feature helps you search particular tweets and answers of yours and deletes them.
  • It also helps in finding spammers, follower insights, inactive or overactive accounts.

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