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7 Dental Care Myths and the Truth about Cavities

Dental Care Myths

A problem that affects humans a lot is cavities. It is present in a lot of people which is nearly 90 % of all. So, getting enough knowledge about cavities is very important as it can happen in your teeth also. Now I am going to tell you 7 dental care myths and the truth about cavities.


1. Myth: These happen in kids only

Truth: The shape of American people’s mouths is very good and their oral health is better because in their systems of local water they have done fluoridation. In spite of all this, cavities can happen in adults. According to experts, there are various reasons for cavities:

  • Genetics
  • If your oral hygiene is poor
  • Drinks containing sugar

Mouths of old people dry out because of taking too many medicines. For protecting the mouth against acids, saliva helps a lot. Drinking sodas and eating snacks regularly are some habits that are considered bad. Cavities can occur at any age and at any time.


2. Myth: There are no chances of cavities when a filling is done in your teeth

If you will not hurt your filled tooth then filling can remain in it for 10 years or for a longer duration. But it does not happen normally because as you grow old you can lose the tooth.


Truth: Cavity can occur in a filled tooth also

Near the filling’s edges, a decay in the tooth can occur. Along with this a breaking down or wearing out of the filling can also occur. However, for long-lasting teeth, it is necessary to take care of them in a much better way.


3. Myth: During a cavity, you can get a lot of help from aspirin

Truth: Up to some extent only the aspirin can help you but not completely. Your gum tissue can get burnt because of this. Your tooth pain can be lowered down to a very small level if you will take aspirin. However, it cannot give you permanent relief. If you have a problem with the nerve or the gum then you can feel soreness in your tooth.

You can get very small help if the tissue gets burnt. Aspirin has not been manufactured to treat cavity pain. If dental work is required in a particular area of your mouth and you want to numb that portion then because of the use of aspirin it will not be so easy to do that.


4. Myth: We will call it a cavity if there is a brown spot in your teeth

Truth: Every brown spot is not necessarily a cavity. The process of tooth decay begins and then stops after a certain time. Then hardening of the tooth enamel occurs by the activity of the body. Its look gets discolored because of hardening. However, we cannot consider this a cavity.


5. Truth: You may need to undergo a root canal procedure because the cavity

Fixing the invaded tooth is very important. The tooth’s nerve can be impacted because of the decay. As a result, the nerve will no longer exist. In this case, the tooth needs to be removed or the dead nerve needs to be removed by undergoing a root canal procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate measures from the start of the problem.


6. Myth: Cavities do not occur by a soda that is sugar-free

Truth: If you think that your teeth will get affected by eating sugar only then you are not 100 % right. Problems can occur by eating foods containing acids. Diet foods and soda are also included in this. Tooth erosion can occur because the pH level is low in all kinds of sodas.


7. Truth: You cannot turn back after the start of a cavity

A few minerals can be found once again on the tooth’s enamel after the decay. Thus, it is possible to stop or lower down the speed of decay. But it is impossible to recover from the damage when inside the enamel the bacteria enters. Event brushing can’t remove the bacteria. Cavities will not get cured by themselves. Fixing these is the only solution.

If you suffer from cavities then make your first visit to the dentist nearby. He will provide you the treatment that is needed.


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