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7 tips that help you to design the perfect business card for your business

Every brand has its own card that delivers information to your customers about its services and qualities. Many companies spend a lot of money to make them alluring and enchanting for their target audience. 

What is a business card?

A business card is an element that bears information about the brand name, logo, contact name, and many other chunks. It is the tool that provides permission to your client to call and explore more about your profile or expertise. Whether your business relates to cosmetics, retail products, medicine, food, and restaurants, you just need a business card for your audience. So, if you are a newbie or well-established brand and want to change your business card, then you can design your next business card by using these tips. 

Keep business card simple and minimal

An essential chunk is to keep your business card simple and minimal. It provides many benefits to your brand. For instance, it provides simplicity, is the best source to engage your audiences, and reduces the extra money you can serve on custom business cards to make them catchy. 

Print your physical location and limit your phone number

Next, you need to print the exact location on your business cards that convey information to your brand about where you established. Next to this, sometimes brands print too many numbers on the card that create confusion for the users either they call this person or not. So, we must decrease the limit of phone numbers on the printed business card. It better that customers find only one number that active all time to answer customers’ needs. 

Choose a high-resolution logo to print on business cards 

On the business card printing, only the logo is the essential part that is more visible for your customers. So, never use the low-resolution logo for your brand on business cards. Find the best business card printing suppliers who have an expert that helps you to choose the elegant and attractive logo for your business cards. You can also print social media icons on your cards with details in the form of bullets. 

Explore readable and stylish typography for business cards

The readability of info that you print on personalized business cards is highly considered for your target audience. Because some people have weak eyesight and only read simple and separate letters easily. So, choose the simple and sophisticated typography that looks engaging and easily readable for every person. 

Pick the best material for your business cards 

Find the sublime business card supplier, choose the cardstock that is perfect for your business cards, and easily fix it in your budget. On this subject, you can choose material from the enlisting options to make them valuable and premium. 

  • Paper 
  • Plastic 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Rigid 

Choose cardstock thickness as per your budget 

If you choose cardboard cardstock, you have the choice to pick the cardstock thickness according to your desire. So, you can choose 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 22pt, and 32pt for your business cards as per the budget you fix for them. 

Give matte, glossy, and shiny look with additional coatings 

If you can afford it, you can make them pretentious and splendid by adding various coatings on the business cards. Moreover, you can bestow a matte, glossy, and shiny look as per your choice. Just remember one thing; never use too many options on your business cards and opt for only one element to make them distinctive. 

Ending up thoughts

The above-mentioned discussion is quite evident in explaining the tips you can use to design your custom business cards that represent information about your brand in front of people. Hence, you can use brand name, logo, contact info, and social media icons on the business card boxes. Add to this; you can also use cardstock and its thickness as per your choice with additional coatings to make them embellishing. 

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