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9 Indoor Plants That Help Filter Cigarette Smoke

“Smoking cigarettes is the most idiotic thing anyone can do since it is like paying to have your life cut short.”


Cigarettes not only impair the smoker’s health, but also the health of others around him or her. Nicotine, phenols, naphthalene, benzene, and other hazardous substances are found in cigarettes. Cigarette trash is inconvenient, but carbon monoxide is deadly! Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that is extremely deadly when inhaled in large amounts.

Carbon monoxide in small concentrations can create flu-like symptoms in employees, smokers, and secondary smokers without anyone noticing it. Carbon monoxide poisoning and death result from complete exposure to this gas. Quitting cigarettes is a difficult task, and what can passive smokers do to stay safe while smokers continue to smoke? Some indoor plants, for example, absorb the harmful toxins emitted by cigarettes. Bringing these indoor plants inside your home would help to filter smoke while also improving the overall aesthetic of your decor!


Life Indoors, Life Green Group’s interior plantscaping branch, decided to investigate which indoor plants filter out tobacco smoke pollutants and would be best suited to an office, smoker’s house, designated smoking place, or restaurant’s smoking room. Scroll down to explore the topic more:


1.Rubber Plant

One of the most common gases released by cigarettes is carbon monoxide. Rubber plants completely absorb this and provide you with toxin-free air to breathe. Because it grows quickly, put it on your balcony, hall, porch, or any other large place inside your home


2.Spider Plant

Spider plants, according to a study, can remove 96 per cent of carbon monoxide from the environment, which is fantastic news. Simply bring spider plants home and give them to friends or family members that smoke a lot.


3.Peace Lily

This is another refreshing plant you can bring home to help you get rid of tobacco odours. The glossy, deep green leaves absorb the toxic chemicals released by cigarettes. Benzene and formaldehyde are also removed.


4.Bamboo Palm

This is a wonderful plant for a smoker’s area. Don’t make a delay to order Lucky Bamboo plants online. The nicest part about this plant is that it is extremely difficult to eradicate. As a result, there’s no need to be concerned if you forget to water it.


5.Chrysanthemum Flowering Plant

They work well at removing carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from cigarette smoke. They are therefore able to eliminate the most hazardous indoor air contaminants. In addition, the bright flowers brighten up one’s environment.


6.Areca Palm

This is one of the most versatile plants, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It eliminates the formaldehyde released by cigarettes, allowing you to breathe cleaner air.


7.Umbrella tree (Schefflera arboricola)

The Schefflera is a great indoor plant that is extremely hardy and has a waxy sheen to its dark green foliage. To keep the plant healthy, Leanne, the divisional manager of Life Indoors, recommends keeping it dust-free. The Schefflera will filter out not only tobacco smoke, but also benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene.


8.Golden pothos

Golden pathos is a popular choice among interior plantscapers, and it’s a terrific accent to a living wall. It’s also a creeper, so it’ll fit nicely on a shelf. The golden pathos is a useful indoor plant for problematic settings since it can withstand cold temperatures and poor light.


9.Chinese evergreen

Air pollution and carbon monoxide build-up are red flags for not only your health but also employee productivity. The Chinese evergreen is a hardy indoor plant that thrives in a variety of environments. It’s also available in a range of colours, ranging from deep-sea green to silver.


The jungle is said to be the earth’s lungs, filtering carbon dioxide. Indoor plants are sometimes referred to as the lungs of the office, filtering hazardous chemicals such as cigarette smoke (carbon monoxide).


Keeping air purifier plants around you will not only provide 24-hour oxygen but will also help you relax and strengthen your mood.

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