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About me

I am Chaminda Herath. Country of birth Sri Lanka. Currently living in a rural but beautiful village called Damanewewa in the Polonnaruwa District of Sri Lanka.

I was born on February 11, 1983. I was first educated at Hangamuwa School, Kurunegala. Later at Nuwaragala school.

I first studied computer science in 2005. I really got a lot of inspiration from it. I used to love multimedia (graphic design, video editing).

It was only in 2010 that I later learned web design development. It’s really fascinating. I have been designing websites since that year.

I’m currently doing most of the web design development.

Why this site was created.

With the advancement of the internet, people have become accustomed to creating websites and doing most of their daily activities online.

But some people spend a lot of money on even the smallest of tasks, as they do not have the right knowledge on the subject.

For that reason, this site was created to provide some knowledgeable people I know. There are also people who like to write blogs and this website has given them the ability to share their knowledge and society.

Dasun Lanka Technology

I started my own business on December 12, 2013. Its name is Dasun Lanka Technology. The freelancer work I do is done through it.

Thank you!

Chaminda Herath