business in Singapore – Advantages and disadvantages

The Business society to your living in today, we must always make smart decisions especially when we want to start our own business. There are many things to consider when you want to incorporate a business anywhere in the world.

Singapore is considered to be one of the best locations to build your own company. That is because it offers a lot of advantages to corporations. One of these advantages is the easy business registration Singapore procedures which make it convenient for business owners to build their own company.

However, if there are advantages there will also be a list of disadvantages. So, if you are interested in the company formation Singapore procedure, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Singapore. This article will discuss some of these advantages and disadvantages.


No currency control

Singapore is considered an open-market economy meaning it allows convenient business transactions. It is a country that heavily relies on the trade, manufacturing, and finance sector for its sustenance.

This means that almost 75% of its GDP comes from the services sector. It has also recorded almost 80% of legal workers making it one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rate. In addition, it has no public debt, making it an attractive choice for business ventures. That is why more business owners are processing their business registration Singapore procedure.

The Singaporean government also allows foreign nationals to own 100% of the stock in a company that is registered and incorporated in Singapore. This is possible given that the business entity has gone through the company formation Singapore procedures legally. This aspect makes Singapore an even more attractive location for big corporations. 

Low tax fees

Taxes is one of the biggest expenses of corporations. That is why location is that charge relatively low tax fees are more convenient for business transactions. Singapore has one of the most friendly tax systems in Asia. These tax regulations are not only convenient for business entities but also for individual taxes. their corporate taxes are cap at 17% which makes it one of the lowest considering its successful economy. 

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Singapore is also proud of its superior infrastructure and architecture. This is one of the things that you must consider when you want to process the business registration Singapore procedure. Building a business anywhere in the world requires a physical office and other infrastructure.

Having world-famous infrastructures such as airports, highways, buildings, and even train stations is important as it has an indirect effect on your business transactions. Its geographic location also plays a great role in making more business owners interested in the company formation of Singapore processes.


In 2020, Singapore was named the third most corrupt-free country in the world. This means that it has a relatively low corruption rate which makes it more favorable for businesses. Governments can have major effects on your revenue and profit as a business. That is why having a trustworthy government is important when you are considering the business registration Singapore procedure.


Saturated economy

Some things are inevitable just like the disadvantages of incorporating your business in Singapore. For example, one of the things that may be a challenge when you want to have your own business in Singapore is that its economy is already too saturated. Singapore is home to many big businesses from different kinds of industries.

This means that you will have competitors no matter what kind of goods and services you are offering. However, this disadvantage can be solved by applying effective marketing strategies. These strategies can help you have an advantage over your competitors and gain more sales. At the end of the day business owners recognize that the advantages of doing business in Singapore can overpower small issues.

High costs of living

Another disadvantage that you have to consider as you are processing the company formation Singapore procedure is the high costs of living. This can affect many aspects of your business including the salary of employees. Since you will be operating in a country that costs more to live in, its government also imposes a relatively higher minimum wage for its workforce. This is to make sure that the rights of your employees are protected and that they are earning a livable wage.

Need help?

If you are still interested in processing the business registration Singapore procedure, there are many companies that can help you with this venture. Third-party firms in Singapore are service providers that can help big corporations accomplish the company formation Singapore processes. WLP Group is among the most trusted choices when it comes to these kinds of services. 


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