Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – Starting a Business From Scratch

Affiliate Marketing – Starting a Business From Scratch

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start an online business without wasting your own money. Affiliate programs are similar in structure to that of a franchise. They outsource a percentage of your time and energy to eBay to sell products or second-hand products to consumers.

No stock to maintain or ship

Choosing a type of affiliate marketing program

You normally will find that there are three different types of affiliate marketing programs you can start selling these days. There are two classes of affiliate program options – Developed disapprove (ongoing income) and other products in an immediate income process.

Developed disapprove affiliate programs usually require at least monthly payments. If you set up a website or buy a URL that has codes in place for the affiliate marketing company to identify it as yours, when you sell a product, for instance, you get the commission. Developed disapprove affiliate programs are only good if you sell high-end products and you copy and paste the HTML code provided to you for your website.

Monthly Income affiliate programs have more advantages though. Finally, the calendar year begins and the final payout period begins. As an affiliate marketer, you will be paid monthly for the months previous to the due date.


Payout details for Affiliate programs

Pay a percentage or fixed fee for sales made from your advertising or traffic-driven methods such as your own website or advertising on someone else’s website.

You sell the products yourself and get a cut of the commission when you make a sale.

You are not only looking for a little extra income to supplement savings, but you can run your business completely online. You won’t need to worry about paying production costs, shipping costs, customer returns, or store inventory. The merchant simply supplies you with the products, supplies you with the advertising, and supplies you with their online sales processing facilities.


A good route by which to promote your products

Choosing their products carefully is a major factor when you want to make a choice. And there are three primary factors to consider with regards to affiliate programs that you should consider when choosing products and programs.

Firstly, should you prefer to sell a particular product that you either like or understand, then you want to ensure that the product has significant demand. Look at your target audience and what they would like to buy.

Secondly, I would advise you that you buy a copy of the product and check it out for yourself to ensure that it is both a quality product and that it is a good value product. There are a number of sites online where you can pay for product evaluations. You may be able to use one of those sites to find reviews from other consumers and judge the validity of the product and the quality of the program.

Lastly, what type of compensation is offered for marketing a particular product? Some programs offer high commissions on sales and many offer a great ‘ carrot ‘ awaiting you. For instance, some affiliate programs pay a high commission per sale, where others simply pay a commission on the milestones you achieve.

As you would expect, the highest commission percentages in affiliate marketing programs are for information products, perhaps ranging from 40 to 50%. Other features that make up the majority of affiliate type programs include –

– consumable products (ebooks, diet pills, anti-aging products, etc)

– audio downloads (com liner, MP3, video, cassette, etc)

– downloadable products (instANT downloads, membership sites, software)

– new release products and music

– internet marketing products (web sites, tools, etc)

– advice products ( draining, weight loss, self-help, hypnosis, counseling )

– membership sites ( monthly subscription, one time fees, etc )

– exotic products ( expensive, luxury, super savers, etc)


Find a balance

At the end of the day, you want to treat it like a normal job. The first learning curve is going to be an adjustment period where you try to become familiar with a program and its products. You will make a number of mistakes along the way, but you will learn from them. Once you are very familiar with the system, and with all of its products you will start earning a substantial income from affiliate marketing.

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