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All about MIS Webmail and EQ Webmail – An easy Guide

We will discuss the MIS webmail process, what is a Managed Internet Service, and how to use EQ webmail? In case you forgot your MIS system password then how to reset password in simple and easy ways. Therefore, it is time to start the Guide for you.

MIS Webmail

The fully managed Internet service operated by the Federal Government of Australia for the purpose of free courses, courses and study materials is recognized as MIS Webmail. This service is free. One thing to remember, you must be a resident of Queensland, Australia and have a QGov identity. You can access it using your Unique Learner ID (LUI) or username/email provided during registration.

How to Access MIS Webmail?

Here we will discuss everything about the MIS webmail login process and the registration process for the Managed Internet Service. We will also discuss the services offered by the MIS Mail web and everything about the MIS service, Queensland.

All of the above was a brief introduction to this webmail service. Here is the easy login process for the Managed Internet Service Portal. Please read it carefully, after which you can connect to it and use such an amazing platform for educational needs.

Requirements for Access of Managed Internet Service

One thing is to remember that you must have the Queensland government account or username and password for easy access to the Managed Internet Service (MISS Webmail). Yet if you don’t have the same. No need to worry about that, as we will also explain how to get a QG account or username/password to access EQ Webmail.

How to Log into MIS or EQ Webmail?

If you are worried about How to log into MIS or EQ webmail? Here is the simple method of connection. Just follow the easy steps and use this portal for free in Queensland.

First, open the official Managed Internet Service portal. Here is the site link https://owa.eq.edu.au Just click on this link, the following link will open as:

Here you need to perform three steps, username, password and consent for agreement on terms and conditions. MIS Webmail Outlook is very user-friendly and easy to use.

First, write down your username, that is, the EQ Email or webmail username assigned to you. The username is the unique identifier for accessing the Queensland Educational Portal. Without a username, it is not possible to access EQ WebMail.

If you don’t remember your EQ username, just provide your Google email address or Microsoft account ID to access this EQ webmail portal. You can also use this portal using the Queensland government (HQ account).

If you don’t have a QG account, in this reading we will also explain, How to get a QG account?

After putting in the username, enter your password.

Now check the box and give your consent to the terms and conditions agreement.

Finally, click on the “Login” option and easily use the MISS WebMail portal and get free lessons and much more with just one click.

How to reset the LUI password for MIS WebMail?

LUI is the abbreviation for Learners Unique Identifier. That is the identity that can be used for online e-learning and education. It is a simple way to resetting the MIS webmail LUI password. If you forgot your EQ webmail password or want to reset it, this is the way to reset it easily. The MIS Webmail EQ password reset process is below:

Open the official EQ webmail link by clicking on it.

The main page of the Managed Internet Service will open.

Now look at the bottom of this page, here you will see the option “Change my password”. Click the Change my password option and change your LUI password easily.

We hope, this read will help you in respect of MIS Webmail and EQ Webmail queries.


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