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All About Three Best Android Monitoring App 2021

Search for the best or in other words greed of maximum output with minimum input has been an old story for mankind. Sometimes it’s a win other times you are left with one more option. More options mean more choices. We are going to talk about the choice we have to select the best android monitoring app. There are dozens of options available but we have narrowed down the list to the top three spy apps. The details of the apps with pros and cons are as follows.


Spera is one of the best apps to monitor teenagers or employees through cell phones. Major features offered by the spy app are social media monitoring in the form of WhatsApp chat access, call logs and location tracking. You can even hack the password of the target phone as well with the help of the Spyera app. But it is an expensive app that can cost you a fortune for the advanced features. Moreover, no live customer support help is available for this app which makes a selection of this app a relatively difficult choice for those users who are not that good with technology or need support at the time of buying or installation.


TheOneSpy is another phone monitoring app that also covers the gadgets like tablets, laptops, and desktops, etc. Major features offered by the app include web monitoring, GPS location tracking, calls, and text message recording, and many more. You can use the app for parental control and employee monitoring as well.


Top of our list is the OgyMogy spy app. Some of the main features that distinguish the app from all other spy apps are

  • Cloud-based App
  • Userfreinedly Interface
  • Offer customer support help
  • More Efficient and light on the pocket
  • More options in the form of monthly, seasonal, and yearly packages
  • No discrimination between basic or standard packages as all the advanced features are included in every package.

Visit and select your favourite package that offered desired features. The installation process takes not more than 5 minutes depending upon the user end device. But there are two limitations to install the app.

  1. You must have physical access to the target device at the time of installation. The device can be a cellphone. Tabet laptop or desktop.
  2. The target device should not be password encrypted at the time of installation.

You can remotely renew the license of the OgyMogy spy app. All the recordings are uploaded on the web portal of the app. The user has remote access to the dashboard or online portal of the monitoring software. You can even download any recordings to your device if you want as there is no limitation whatsoever. Different features of the best android monitoring app are as follows.

  • Real-Time Screen Monitoring: Make a real-time surprise visit to the screen of the target device and check out the activities.
  • Call recording: Secretly record the call of the target with the call recording feature.
  • SMS track: Read the private text messages of your kids or employees with the SMS tracking feature
  • Call log book Access: Know all about the incoming and outgoing call records of the target person remotely. This feature is most useful to save teenagers from spam calls or monitor the employees at reception.
  • Camera Bug Feature: remotely control the camera of the target cellphone and capture surrounding images to know about the company and whereabouts of the target.
  • Mic Bug Feature: live listen to surroundings with OgyMogy android app. The feature bugs the mic and lets the user listen to all the sounds like they are accompanying them.
  • Location Tracking: Live location tracking is another useful feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app.
  • YouTube Monitoring: Monitor the youtube channel or streaming history of the target easily with the youtube screen recording feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app.
  • Email Monitoring: have access to the sent and received emails and monitor the attachment history as well with the help of monitoring software. It is one of the most demanding features in the employee monitoring world.
  • Web filtering: Filter web content of your teen or at the workplace and monitor the website visited by the target person.
  • Social Media Monitoring Features: Visit to check the long list of social media platforms covered by OgyMogy.

The use of spy apps is not just a passing trend it is a lifestyle.

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