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Anker Soundcore Life Q10 Best Bluetooth headphones

Anker Soundcore Life Q10 Bluetooth headphones

Today in this post I will share my experience with using Anker soundcore Life Q10¬† Bluetooth headphones. so it helps you make a purchase decision. so let’s get started so now unboxing the beautifully designed box we find the headphones first. We have the USB type-c cable for charging an aux cable and a user manual these are available for 2199 Indian rupees on Flipkart India.

Build quality:
Anker soundcore live q10 headphones have a flexible ergonomic headband that is padded. on the inside, the ear cups are adjustable and also collapsible which makes them portable. It easy to store the breathable ear carves also well cushioned with memory foam and sits comfortably on my ears the hinges and extension straps are made out of metal. This ensures plenty of strength the headphones are made out of plastic and I don’t expect anything more from Anka at this price point having said that though the build is amazingly sturdy and this does not feel flimsy or cheap at all.

The headband fits perfectly over the head and the ear cup sits snug on my ears which gives me a comfortable experience while using the headphones. But it’s also worth noting that these headphones are slightly on the heavier side but you will get used to them eventually after using them for few days.

On to the Bluetooth, settings locate the headphones and pair them with your smartphone done the live q10 uses Bluetooth technology and it ensures a secure connection with minimal latency. I didn’t face any connection issues with these headphones this headphone is also a great choice for gaming or watching movies although I didn’t notice any slip syncing issues while watching movies I would still recommend using an aux cable while gaming for the much better experience they also have an exceptionally powerful Bluetooth card while most Bluetooth 5.0 devices have a range of 33 feet the live q10 has a range of 50 feet this gives you a freedom to move around your house without losing a connection.

call quality:
The call quality, on the other hand, was good enough which uses the uplink noise reduction technology this helps filter out background noises .so the person, on the other hand, can hear you clearly and I didn’t face any problems.

battery :
The Anker Soundcore Life Q10 Bluetooth headphones u10 doesn’t have a battery capacity mentioned but the company claims that it will give you a 60-hour playtime I used it on 60 to 70 volumes and it went for over a week. While listening to four to five hours a day this is an absolute beast when it comes to battery life and would not require you to change frequently. The charging time is around two hours which is good considering the battery life.

The company also claims that with a five-minute charge it can go on for five hours. But with my testing, I managed to get around four hours for this claim which is good enough but once you charge it to 100 you can keep aside the charger for the next few days or even a week depending upon your usage it’s also worth noting that it features a USB type-c charging. so you don’t need to carry a separate¬† charger rather you can charge it with your smartphone charger itself

now just to give you the slightest idea about the functions of the buttons pressing the multifunctional button once will play or pause. the track also this button can be used to pick or reject calls pressing the plus or the minus buttons will increase or decrease the volume and long-pressing. the plus button will skip to the next track while long-pressing the minus button will skip to the previous track. finally long pressing on the multifunction button will activate the voice assistant.

sound quality:
The live q10 features a pair of 40mm drivers these are fairly large enough to provide full-spectrum sound with no loss of quality whether you’re looking for highs mids or bass you’ll hear plenty of separation. there’s no crowding between frequency no hardiness and no rattle and if you want to pump up the base all you have to do is press the base up button this will provide punchy and driving base on almost any laundry.

SO Conclusion:

The over the year design also helps in passive noise isolation the ear cups fit perfectly on the ears and you won’t feel any pain even after prolonged use so I feel the Anker soundcore life q10 has one of the best audio qualities at this price range of under three thousand Indian rupees. I would rate them nine and ten billion music bases and eight-point five on ten for the build quality.

Finally, as for my verdict personally, I always wanted headphones with good quality good audio quality comfortable to wear for long hours, and a great battery life, and the Anker soundcore live q10 ticks almost all the boxes for me the only thing I disliked a bit was the weight of these headphones I really wish they were a bit lighter but as I said you will get used to them eventually. so if you’re looking for Bluetooth headphones under 3000 Indian rupees then you can never go wrong with these so guys that’s it for the video and I really hope you liked it.

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