ASO Techniques

How to Use ASO Techniques to Master Success on Both Google and Apple Play Store?

How to Use ASO Techniques

One of the biggest challenges faced by mobile app publishers in getting their mobile app discovered among the millions of apps in the store. It is imperative to understand the significance of using the right strategies for marketing your app. An important technique that is overlooked by many is ASO- App store optimization.

Most brands and application developers launch their apps on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store but it is important to consider that each one of them has a different ecosystem. Read the sections below to understand how ASO is different from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

1. Application name
If you talk about core ASO perspectives, then it is important to remember that an app’s name plays a vital role in determining its success and ranking on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Companies offering App Store Optimization services in India always try to include your most important keywords in the app title to get desired results.

If we have considered the basic difference when it comes to finalizing an app name for iOS and Android platforms, then you should consider the character limit, which is 30 characters and 50 characters for iOS and Android apps, respectively.

Another major difference is – iOS app search mechanism uses app name, icon, subtitle, and screenshots or video to find a particular application while Android only focuses on the app icon and app title.

2. Application description
The main aim of the long description on both platforms is to explain the main features and benefits of the app. If you are applying ASO and keyword optimization techniques, the purpose of this descriptive text differs. In the Apple App Store, the descriptive text does not impact the ranking factor, thus, developers can use creative lines, talk about the brand and focus on including a persuasive strategy.

On the other hand, the long description for applications listed on the Google Play Store helps in getting better rankings and records higher downloads. If you wish to hit the highest downloaded apps category, then it is advisable to get your description written by an SEO expert or a company offering services related to ASO in India.

3. App images and screenshots
Apple App Store has a better hand when it comes to using app screenshots during search results. In the iOS platform, you can add up to 10 screenshots while Android limits the number to 8. Additionally, while performing the search on an app store, iOS includes the first 3 images (video or screenshots) into the search results, however, for Android users these details are generally hidden.

4. Backlinks
It is one of the important factors when it comes to comparing Apple and Google algorithms in relation to ASO. For Android developers, including the number of backlinks helps the app webpage maintain authority and results in higher rankings.

They don’t get included in the ASO strategy while working for iOS as the backlinks do not take the app user to the Apple webpage. Instead of including it in the ASO strategy, backlinks can be used as a crucial factor for branding and overall app marketing strategies.

It is important to hire a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced company offering App Store Optimization services in India to maintain your business rankings on iOS and Android-based app stores. Search the web to find a reliable service provider offering services related to ASO in India and fix an appointment right now to increase your app downloads and rankings based on the app stores where they are available.



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