Beautiful Curtains

Beautiful Curtains for your Outdoor scene

Beautiful Curtains

There is no doubt that our homes should not only look beautiful and elegant on the outside but also have beautiful curtains on the outside. As a matter of fact, your guests will make their impressions based on how your house looks on the outside rather than on what’s inside. That is why homeowners do not only pay attention to interior design but most especially to exterior composition.

Additionally, homeowners construct and plan extra look and ornamentation on their space outside to make their house more inviting—such as gardens, lawn, terrace, etc. because, at the end of the day, we do not want to waste our time, money, and effort. So, we have to make our home more stylish.

To make the outdoor setup more dramatic, we need to choose materials that will give beauty and style. One great example of this is beautiful curtains. Curtains play a big role in beautifying our houses. However, there are some kinds of beautifulcurtains that we cannot simply place on our outdoors. With this in mind, I am going to state the kinds of curtains perfect for the outdoors.


There is a number of curtain designs you can choose from. In styling, use your creativity to turn your beautiful curtains from scratch into luxurious ones.

  1. Bohemian- this kind of curtain design will give you a chic look and tropical vibes to your outdoor scenery. Patterns can be floral or oceanic to achieve your summer-themed look.
  2. Blinds- this is also ideal for the outdoor. Blinds can serve you in two purposes. One is it gives you privacy even when staying outside and second is it protects you from the heat of the sun. there are also many kinds of blinds available today in the market that will give beauty to your outside space.
  3. Beaded Curtain- beaded curtains are seen even in ancient times. But with modern modifications, these curtains from scratch are still playing a great role for home decorations today. Your outdoor setting can be dramatic and elegant at the same time by using beaded curtains. This will give a texture to your set-up. Although it does not give much privacy you can still pull off a luxurious atmosphere with this.
  4. DIY curtains- as mentioned, homeowners today are very creative in that they can turn beautiful curtains from scratch into elegant ones. You can design your own curtain if you want to give personality to your outdoor setup


One should not forget about choosing the right kind of fabric for your curtains. Here are the most well-known fabrics perfect for outdoor use:

  1. Olefin Curtains- one of the most famous curtain fabric for outdoor use are olefin curtains. It is notably durable and can last even when exposing to the heat of the sun for too long. The color of your fabric will not fade away easily.
  2. Acrylic Curtains- another durable and long-lasting fabric best for outdoor use is acrylic curtains. This kind of fabric has the tendency to filter pet hair and other visible particles that penetrate the fabrics. Thus, it will be easier to clean.
  3. Polyester Curtains- polyester curtains or some would choose polyester blend curtains are one of the most commonly used fabrics for outdoors also. Compared to the mentioned fabrics above, it is more affordable and budget-friendly and it does not welcome discoloration. Making your curtains from scratch look new every day.
  4. Vinyl Curtains- one most notable characteristics of vinyl fabric is its waterproof characteristic. Our outdoor set-up can be exposed to different kinds of weather. In order to maintain the elegance of our setting, we must choose fabrics that are not only durable but also waterproof and discoloration will not persist. And these are the characteristics of a Vinyl Curtain.


Another factor to consider for an outdoor setup is the color of your curtains. Try these ideas:

  1. Neutral Colors- if you want to achieve that cozy and chill look for your outdoor, try buying curtains that colors are not too vibrant. Neutral colors can be shades of browns and greys.
  2. Vibrant colors- You do not have to limit your preferences. If your personality speaks of being joyful and outrageous, then you can have vibrant colors. These colors welcome your guests and visitors. Some examples of these are orange, red, and yellow.
  3. Cool colors- another option for your curtain color is this cool color palette that includes shades of blue and green. This will create a relaxing and comforting aura that will make you feel relaxed when staying outdoors.
  4. Black and white color scheme- Black and white can also be applied to an outdoor setting. This will create a clean and innocent ambiance. Just make sure to balance every detail to achieve the desired outcome.

There is a number of ways you can do to have that beautiful curtain from scratch ideas you want to achieve. Visit us here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop to know more about DIY Designer Curtains perfect for every space of your house.


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