Maravanthe Beach

Maravanthe Beach and the best time to go there

Maravanthe Beach

Maravanthe Beach is a beautiful beach that attracts anyone. The Maravanthe beach is located 50 km north of Udupi and 105 km north of Kundapur, 12 km. In fact, it is a scenic beach that every tourist visiting Karnataka should visit. That’s how beautiful it is.

The golden sands, clear blue skies, lush palm trees and endless beaches certainly make it an attractive tourist destination. The turbulent and picturesque beaches create the best paintings at sunset.

The National Highway (NH 17) runs parallel to the coast, about 100 meters. As you walk along the highway for a kilometer along this beach you can see the Arabian Sea on one side and the Kopachadri Mountains on the other as a backdrop to the Sauparnika River. Truly that scene is a beautiful view created naturally. The beach has a white sandy beach covered with vegetation. There are plenty of beachfront private cabins and hotels in the area.



Famous beach water sports are very popular and it is one of the favorite activities among the spectators. You can walk on the beach or go for a walk along the beach. You have the ability to scuba dive and snooker. It provides a brief overview of coral reefs and marine life in the deep sea.

This beach is safe for swimming as the tides are mild. Other beach activities are also done by some people. These include beach walks, meditation and yoga. All of that has the potential to calm the mind.

Byndoor, 45 km from Maravanthe beach, has a beach and a spectacular sunset in the evening. You can take a boat ride or bathe in the Sauparnika River if you like. For religious people, there are many temples and places of worship on the banks of the Supernica River.

Belekal Tirtha Falls is a beautiful waterfall located near Beindoor. Maravanthe beach is also popular among the locals as a favorite destination. Spicy seafood is one of the specialties of Maravanthe beach. It also feeds you on vegetarian recipes.

You can also get Indian and continental South Indian food for the vegetarians who visit here. Shopping is a very rare trend. Many shoppers here are satisfied with the colorful collection made of zero shells.


Best time to go to Maravanthe Beach

The best time to go to the beach is between September and March. As during the monsoon season, the post-monsoon season is best for swimming, sunsets and general tourism. Both the Sauparnika River and the Arabian Sea swell and merge, making the route almost inaccessible.


What to do on a deadly beach

Maravanthe Beach

Scuba Diving Snookerling

Scooby diving on the deadly beach is a famous place for snooker. I have already mentioned it in this post.

We often love to engage in adventure activities. If you are a deadly adventurer with adventure and fun, scuba diving and snooker can be at the top of the list of things you can do at Maravanthe Beach.

This beach is very beautiful and is one of the best places in Karnataka to experience and explore its rare and beautiful sea creatures. Also, the natural climate, water, currents and environment are all ideal for diving. However, suitable guides are very helpful. Contact an experienced and qualified counselor.

Boating on the Suparnika River

It is surrounded by lush green waters, lush palm trees, lotus flowers and small islands. Accordingly, boating here is sure to be an unforgettable experience. These rides are the best way to get closer to the locals and see and see the culture of their folk life. Also, try to bathe in the rivers, visit the temples on the beach and cook local food. Then you can spend your whole day on the islands by the river.

This is an extremely beautiful beach and its photos will be a lasting memory of your life. So take your cameras with you.

Turtle Beach

A variety of beautiful sea creatures such as turtles can also be seen here. You can walk from Marawantha beach to Kesbe beach in as little as 10 minutes. This beach got its name because of the wide range of turtles that live here. Also, from October to December every year, a large number of turtles can be seen in the nest.

Padukone village near Marawantha

This is a small village with a beautiful view on the backwaters called Padukone Village. It is surrounded on three sides by the Sauparnika River. There is so much greenery around so you can do nothing and see the beauty all over the city. You can also spend time with the locals in the middle of nature. Today this place has become a very popular tourist destination.

The people here are very friendly. And the language they speak the most is Tulu. Apart from this, some local restaurants are built here. There you will have the opportunity to taste the authentic food with spices. You can reach this place by boat or through a small bridge that connects Maravanthe and Padukone. Padukone is also the birthplace of famous badminton player Prakash Padukone.


Think about this too

Nature creates many beautiful things to heal the minds of human beings as well as all animals. We see these things and heal the mind and it is our duty to preserve those things for future generations. It is also our duty.

So we have to keep everything we go beautiful and go back. By minimizing things like polythene plastic we can also contribute to protecting this beautiful environment.


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