SEO with Pinterest

SEO and Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular – and innovative – social media platforms around. With a user base that includes more than 15 million users and growing, Pinterest is fast becoming a valuable tool for attracting traffic to a company’s website, as well as directing traffic to specific pages and posts on the site. This is where SEO and Pinterest can be invaluable, as a Pinterest profile can present numerous opportunities to connect with customers and present your business as an approachable brand that is based on customer feedback.


Using Pinterest to Increase SEO

When you set up a Pinterest profile, you are able to include several ‘ Detected’ or ‘ pins ‘ as well as manage your brand and industry keywords. You can also use Pinterest to link back to your website, blog, or other social networking profile and this makes it easy for users to look at your company’s profile and for other users to see your relevant content.

Pinterest is a totally interactive platform where you can share your products or collect beautiful images related to your business and industry. Users can share the content they have clicked on through a number of different pins; your business name, your product or service, and a description of the download. This enables users to get recommendations and offers with the help of friends, reducing the risk of using recommendation tools or social media profiles.

Pinterest is perfect for sharing content and advertising your business

Pinterest is similar to Facebook in the sense that you can add links to your website, blog, and other social media profiles. In addition, Pinterest has many features that enable you to share your content with friends. For example, you can add a pin on your engagement photo with a description of the services or products you offer for purchase. This makes it easy for your target audience to access your products or services and gives them the incentive and feeling of being recommended to others.

Pinterest is a fun and creative way to share your products and services with your target audience

A Pinterest profile can easily rank in the top listings of a search engine, making it easier for interested users to find your products and services. And if you are tackled with a presentation, make sure you make it attractive and fun to Pinterest! Start adding interesting facts and images as topics for your business, products, and services. Start replying to your follower’s and customers’ comments and posting replies making sure you convert them into visitors to your site.

Pinterest is very similar to Google+1, regarding the addition of Google+1 to your search engine listing. You get the Google+1 with a ‘dot’ and a ‘dash’ to separate your posts. The other main difference is that Pinterest is a social network and Google is the search engine.

Stencils and compete often!

You should create a MySpace and a Facebook profile for your business. This makes it easy to promote your business to your followers and to drive traffic to your website. You should write a couple of tutorials regarding your products and services Life terrain. Write how-to videos regarding your products and services, show your products and services being used or how to use them.

Register your business in stores such as, since it is easy to redirect customers to your website. There should be links connecting the viewers to your products and services. For example, connect your website to your YouTube page, connect your MySpace to your Pinterest and ask your customers to connect and re-pin your products and services.

The power of Pinterest is not only being able to offer the potential to create original and unique content but also because it is a free platform and you can put any content you want on your business and it is up to the consumers to share it. That is why it is the most used social networking page in the world. Also, it is being continuously updated, which makes your presence on Pinterest more powerful.

Use your intuition to stay away from practices that are outdated. Through experience, it is more difficult to pinpoint which of them are negative and which are positive. Therefore, it is important to research and follow our own guidelines no matter what. Avoid duplicate content, unethical methods, and plagiarism, which is why you should be original and creative.

Pinterest is a fresh and stimulating way of connecting with your target audience through interesting and attractive content and brand building. It plays a great role in SEO and is a great means of increasing traffic to your website.

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