Fuel Efficient Cars

Britain’s Most Fuel Efficient Cars In 2021

Fuel Efficient Cars

When it comes to cars, you can hardly ever say no to a new car model. These engineered marvels have made commuting easy and focussed man’s creativity in making the vehicles more efficient and more powerful. Almost all of 2020 was spent in lockdown, but now since the lifting of restrictions, most things in life are falling back to normality. This is a good reason to think about buying a new car although undoubtedly there will be many more reasons for you to buy a new car in 2021.

There are already large numbers of different brands and manufacturers in the market. You may be confused about which brand or model to buy. Well, we understand your predicament, and in this regard, we are going to try and make things easier for you. In order to make things easier, we have compiled a comprehensive guide listing the most attractive cars available this year.

Which Models Should You Opt For?

Vauxhall Corsa

The new generation of Corsa has undoubtedly put pressure on the Ford Fiesta. The car has a sleek appearance and comes with competitive fuel economy. In the first four months of 2021, the Corsa seems to have stormed ahead with its design and its sales. The Vauxhall’s super-mini was re-launched last year, and a lot of new features were added. The great new looks will surely give other cars on the road tough competition on its looks alone. And with a personalized number plate, the car is undoubtedly going to rock the streets of Britain. The model has an average fuel economy of 52.3 mpg for urban driving.

Ford Fiesta

Ford is an old player in the marketplace. Ford is a trusted company from the early 20th century. Ford never seems to disappoint its customers. The Ford Fiesta model is sure to impress as it always has over decades. In terms of sales, Ford Fiesta is in the 2nd spot for car sales so far in 2021. Summer trips are going to get a lot more exciting with the new Ford Fiesta. As always, the fuel economy numbers for Ford are extremely impressive. As a result, the most economical engine in the range goes to the 125bhp Eco-boost Hybrid, with figures of 52.3-56.5 mpg. If you haven’t checked out this model, then you need to.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The luxury car makers have launched their A-Class model to give tough competition to their competitors. The “A” in here stands for “Affordable.” Needless to say, like all other Mercedes models, the A-Class series has a class-leading interior with refinement. This year Mercedes is providing multiple options; Mercedes-AMG A35 and A45 are all excellent choices for potential customers. Your private number plate is sure to look good in combination with the Mercedes A-class series. The diesel variant of the model has a fuel economy of 20.0 kmpl, and the petrol variant has a fuel economy of 15.5 kmpl.

Nissan Qashqai

Nissan does not need an introduction; since its launch in the UK market, Nissan has been an all-time favourite for car lovers. It may not have an e-version yet, but Nissan has recently announced the development of a Giga factory in the North East of England to make batteries for new E-models to be made in the UK. Nissan has also emerged as the leading seller of SUVs. The Qashqai series has managed to achieve fourth place in terms of sales volume in the UK and it has been hailed as the best-selling SUV.

Volkswagen Golf

Last year Volkswagen entered its 8th Generation of vehicle design and with the launch of its Golf 8 series, the brand is once again becoming more competitive. With each passing day, Volkswagen is becoming more popular and is re-gaining a solid customer base in the UK. The Golf 8 series has an impressive appearance and excellent features that are sure to make car enthusiasts weak at the knees. With the new GTI and revised Golf R hitting the market, the competition has become fierce in the sports small car market.

Apart from the above models, there are other vehicles available that you may want to consider when you are looking to buy your new car:

● Ford Puma

● Kia Sportage

● Volvo XC40

● BMW 3 Series

● Ford Kuga

● Toyota Yaris

● Mini hatch

● Audi A3

● Volkswagen Polo

As already stated the Vauxhall Corsa is leading the way for sales volume in the UK at this point in 2021. The car has already registered a record sale of 20,024 units. On the other hand, the Ford Fiesta has had a relatively poor first half to the year, but still claims second place based on sales volumes in the UK.

Mercedes is not far behind; the Mercedes A-Class model gives tough competition to the other two and it has registered an impressive sales number of 16,732 units. The cars not only have an impressive appearance but are also regarded as one of the top fuel economy cars for 2021. In summary, the top brands continue to retain the top places in the UK charts for sales.

This trend should not worry you, as all of the brands mentioned are equally capable, fuel-efficient, and reliable. All you need to do is research online and ask questions of the dealers in order to narrow down your choice and then negotiate the best deal for your chosen model.

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