Diesel Exhaust System

Choosing The Best Diesel Exhaust System

When you want to upgrade your current auto exhaust system, you need to find out the best options. While there are many options, not all of them will work for you. For example, you may not install a stainless steel exhaust into a diesel vehicle if you want the best performance possible. The best systems are constructed from quality materials and have been designed with the most modern safety features.

When you are shopping for a new auto exhaust system, you can choose between two different mufflers. You can choose a straight-through design muffler, which uses a narrow passage for the exhaust. This type has a single pipe, which allows the muffler to flow into the engine directly. A pop-through design muffler uses two pipes. One pipe blows out the exhaust, and the other one passes through the muffler’s head to produce a quieter sound.


3 Important Features To Consider

There are three important features to consider when choosing an exhaust system. They are the catalytic converter, the horsepower rating, and the noise level. If you are concerned about the noise, a quieter muffler can be added if you want to improve vehicle sound quality. The horsepower rating and the cubic feet per minute rating should be upgraded to get the best engine performance.

You may also be able to upgrade to high-flow stainless steel mufflers, which are designed to reduce harmful emissions. A high-flow muffler will allow more exhaust gases to escape, improving gas mileage. Other catalytic converters use a special catalyst activated when it meets with a catalyst constructed by another company. This type of system is more costly than a standard catalytic converter.

Other upgrades that you can look into include exhaust system extensions and replacement catalytic converters. Extenders are used to expand the size of the pipe or cylinder in the exhaust system. Some companies also produce fibreglass exhaust pipes, ribbed in the back to create more usable space. A ribbed body extends the length of the pipe and makes it much easier to clean. These products are offered in many different styles and finishes, so you are sure to find something that will make your vehicle stand out.

If you are on a tight budget but still want to improve the sound of your vehicle, then you might consider an exhaust system kit. Most vehicle exhaust systems are made with three basic parts – the muffler, the backbone, and the tailpipe. Your vehicle’s muffler contains tiny metal cones that can trap unwanted noise. The backbox is where the exhaust pipes leave the vehicle, and the tailpipe connects the muffler to the backbox. Both of these parts play a significant role in getting the best sound from your vehicle. When you install a system that incorporates both of these components, you are guaranteed to get a system that produces better sound than before.

Another upgrade that you can make to your vehicle that will help it sound better is replacing the catalytic converters. Most cars have factory catalytic converters, which means that the converter does not work correctly. An exhaust system kit replaces the catalytic converters and helps get rid of unwanted emissions from your vehicle. Some people prefer to replace both the muffler and the backbone because they do a better job of eliminating back noises, while others prefer the muffler for its aesthetic appeal. Whether you choose to install new catalytic converters or an exhaust system upgrade, you are guaranteed to get a better sound from your vehicle.


Some of the best systems in the industry are produced by competition series stainless steel exhaust systems. These products are constructed to fit most vehicle models so that you can fit them into trucks, cars, and even vans. When installing a competition series stainless steel exhaust system to your vehicle, there are a few things that you should consider. For instance, the stainless steel muffler must effectively carry out noise reduction tasks without sacrificing sound quality. You need a system that has high compression for the highest efficiency.



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