Company Secretary

Company Secretary is Vital to any Company Administration

To pass all the administrative requirements of the company, the company secretary sits as the central authority.

A company’s house reporting requirements must be taken care of under a responsible authority. It is a job of a company secretary only, to furnish respective documents and annual returns. The financial statements of a company consisting of its liability, debts, assets are taken care of under a company secretary.

Crucial roles of a company secretary

Besides companies house reporting requirements, the crucial role of a company secretary includes –

  • Operating registered office
  • Regulating statutory records, like:
    • Register of shareholders & Register of directors
    • Details of board meetings and general meetings.
    • Register of debenture holders.
  • Notice the ongoing changes in the company, which are:
    • New allocated shares
    • Change in director’s board.
  • Attaching legal documents:
    • Memorandum of Associations and Director’s service contracts
    • Company’s seal & Certificate for incorporation
    • Any name changing certificate
    • Stock transfers and share certificate

The company secretary can provide advice to the directors

Every businessman wants his organization to become the most prosperous. The owner of the company can not outline the functions of every speciality. Hence, a company secretary is there to advise the directors. Either it is an individual matter or a collective one a secretary holds all the responsibilities. Any director needs to know about the recent changes in legislation that may affect his business. So, it is the role of a secretary to update his director about all these alterations.

Even directors of the board understand the valuable contribution of company secretaries. In their eyes, he is a ‘go-to’ person, who can respond appropriately to any query. But what if, when the directors do not get the satisfying solution? Then, in this case, it is the company secretary only who guides them towards the more possible paths.

The company secretary is a major contributing factor in the rapid expansion of the economy

The role played by the Singapore company secretary, is a major contributing factor in the rapid expansion of the economy. Whether it is a small organization or a big one, it is important for an easy existence of governance structure. The company secretary does advise in the favour of corporate integrity and the strong benefit of the company.

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There’s a principle of hierarchy in any kind of organization. It helps a directional flow of duties. The centralized systems prefer to have a top to bottom approach, whereas, in non-centralized ones, a bottom-to-top approach is practised. Various organizations are involved in running the state, such as private, public, and nongovernmental organizations.

A hierarchy always has a cascade of flow in any of the organizations

Irrespective of the approaches, a hierarchy always has a cascade of flow in any of the organizations. If we take private businesses into account, then the topmost place is for the owner or the directors’ board, and into the management system, it is of a Corporate Secretary.

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