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Comprehensive Tool kitting Solutions for Aircraft Technicians

Aircraft technicians and mechanics need to perform several critical repair and maintenance tasks at their workstations. To make sure that they perform perfectly, you have to provide them with some latest and advanced toolkits which offer complete convenience and flexibility in dealing with various critical elements of the task. Using cheap quality tools and equipment will result in low productivity and will increase the level of their frustration eventually resulting in major risks that are related to aircraft maintenance and repair works.

Henchman Products offers complete tool kitting solutions that are advanced and based on the latest requirements to meet specific work-related requirements by aircraft mechanics and technicians. You can even order custom-made toolkits from this renowned supplier to enhance precision and tool control. This post will discuss some toolkits which you can prefer for your aircraft engineers and technicians to ensure maximum productivity.

B1 LAME Kit in Drawer Toolbox

This advanced B1 Lame kit has been tried and tested by some professional and experienced aircraft engineers and will offer your aircraft technicians complete control over their work. Whether it is fixed and rotary-wing, commercial or military, this toolkit will offer immense functionalities to the technicians. Each tool in this comprehensive toolkit represents some world-famous brands like Proto, Knipex, Wiha, and Stahlwille.

You can even explore a good range of electronic workbench from Henchman. The B1 Lame kit is fitted with two-coloured high-density foam inlays to support maximum visual tool control at aircraft workstations requiring massive tools. The toolkit is an excellent option for flyaway applications or issued as a personal tool kit in a robust and conveniently deployable All-In-One toolbox.

Mechanical Flyaway Toolkit

This comprehensive mechanical flyaway toolkit is designed and developed keeping in view all the specific and common tool requirements of flyaway repair and maintenance tasks. This toolkit is supplied with 5 trays of two-colour high-density foam which provides visual tool control and is the best convenient and portable option for flyaway applications.

It also includes high-quality brands such as Proto, Wiha, Knipex, Stahlwille and is available in Skydrol Resistant Case. Apart from this, you can also choose to explore some extensive range of Atlas Copco Torque tools from Henchman to allow your aircraft technicians and mechanics to perform their tasks with absolute precision.

LAME Flyaway Toolkit in Hard Case

You will be glad to know that Henchman offers comprehensive and standard Lame kits which are widely used by a growing number of airlines and MROs worldwide. These tools have been selected carefully based on the direct input from the airline industry. We have put together a kit combining top-quality brands of tools that are ideally suited to the mechanical maintenance of an aircraft. All the tools in this toolkit are laid out in two-colored high-density foam inlays to support visual tool control so that your technicians can use different tools swiftly and deliver their tasks in time. This extremely compact toolkit also comes in a Skydrol resistance case. You can also choose to order some individual tools like Atten soldering iron and many more from Henchman depending on your specific requirements.

Hi-Lok Installation & Removal Kit

You always have the choice to order some task-specific kit for the removal and installation of Hi-Lok fasteners from Henchman. This Installation & Removal kit is set out in a protective and waterproof case which is ideal for ultimate protection and storage. You can also explore Snap-on toolkits at Henchman. Snap-on is an American manufacturer and marketer of high-end tools which will offer your technicians maximum precision and control in their work.

All the above-mentioned toolkits are capable of offering ample benefits to your technicians and mechanics to let them deliver their repair & maintenance tasks with complete perfection.

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