Do Scalp Massages Help in Hair growth?


Often you will find that your hair has stopped growing completely. It doesn’t matter what type of haircut you have or what’s the length of the hair, sometimes, hair can stop growing further, both in length and volume. This is why one needs to get the proper treatment through online salon services.

Several treatment methods are there using which the hair growth can be enhanced. However, not all these treatments are healthier for your scalp or the hair strands. This is why most hair professionals suggest having a scalp massage for inducing hair growth.

In this section below, we will discuss every detail about your hair not growing and how to scalp treatment is effective for treating the condition.

Reasons for your hair not growing in length and volume

The first thing that you need to know is the list of reasons for which your hair is not growing at a normal rate. In this section, we have listed down some of the major causes for improper or negligible growth of the hair strands, both in length and volume.

  1.   One of the main causes of your hair not growing properly is the deficiency of nutrition. New dead cells are added to the strands by the root hair follicles which result in the growth. However, if the follicles are not getting enough nutrition, the hair roots won’t be able to help in growing your hair.
  2.   If you have split ends into most of the hair strands, your hair won’t grow properly. Split ends are detrimental to your hair’s growth, especially since it makes the tips thinner. And with such reduced strand diameter, the hair cannot grow further lengthwise.
  3.   When we talk about hair growth, we also consider the increase in the hair’s volume. In case you are suffering from hair fall at a rapid rate, your hair volume will decrease, thereby preventing proper growth.
  4.   If you have dandruff, it can also cause retarded hair growth, especially if it’s oily dandruff. This dandruff can block the skin pores which reduces oxygen intake. As a result, the hair follicles won’t be able to breathe which will automatically reduce the growth rate.
  5.    The use of chemical products causes depletion in the keratin content of the hair strands. This further reduces hair growth and even makes the surfaces rougher than normal. Chemical products rich in ammonia, sulfur, and other such components are the main reason which causes hair damage and reduces growth.

Can scalp massage help in hair growth?

Yes, clinically it has been proven that with proper scalp massage, hair growth can be normalized. It will help in both lengthwise and volume-wise growth, especially if you are having alternative scalp online salon services and home scalp massage. All you need to ensure is that the salon you are choosing is proper and is expert in providing scalp massage.

What are the benefits of having a scalp massage for growing hair healthily?

Now, since it has been established that with a proper scalp massage, the normal rate of hair growth can be restored, we should learn the benefits of this treatment procedure. This will help you in understanding the way in which the scalp massage can improve hair growth and prevent damage further.

Helps in unclogging the pores

First of all, the oil massage of the scalp is done in such a way that one can exfoliate the skin and open up the clogged pores. Usually, the hair follicular pores are blocked with the accumulation of dandruff, debris, and dead cells. Since these pores are blocked, new hair strands can’t grow. Also, the existing hair strands can’t receive proper oxygen and nutrition which causes retarded growth. This is where the oil scalp massage will help you. So, make sure to immediately book an appointment with the salon booking app so as to get the treatment at the earliest.

Allows the skin to breathe properly

As the scalp massage will exfoliate the skin, it will help in opening up the clogged pores. As a result, the hair roots and the surrounding follicular cells can receive enough oxygen to produce keratin. It’s a protein that not only improves hair health but also increases the growth rate of the strands vertically. For better results, you can book a keratin treatment from the online salon services through a booking app.

Reduces stress and anxiety

The hot oil massage is usually done with the help of carrier oil like coconut or olive oil in addition to essential oils. This particular mixture will not only help in reducing stress and anxiety but also promote hair growth. So, at the time of getting a scalp massage, do ensure that both carrier and essential oils are used which will be helpful as per your hair conditions.

Ensures moisturizing of the scalp

If you have a dry scalp, hair growth will get retarded after a certain point in time. Moreover, since we all suffer from dehydration every now and then, you cannot expect your hair to grow properly. Hence, you need to ensure that the scalp massage is being done with moisturizing oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and others. These ingredients have moisture retention property which will help the hair roots to stay hydrated. Hence, your hair growth will return back to its normal level.

Provides proper nutrients to the hair follicles

Another major benefit of having a scalp massage after booking an appointment through the salon booking app is the supply of proper nutrition to the skin. With nutrition, your hair roots will be able to function normally and will improve the growth rate. It will also help in the growth of new hair strands which will increase the hair’s volume. Moreover, the scalp massage will also improve the blood flow to the skin. This will nourish the follicles from inside, thereby ensuring the optimal hair growth rate.


Most online salon services provide scalp massage for different kinds of hairs. Make sure to book the best treatment package since sometimes, scalp massage can’t produce the best results also. For example, if you have split ends, you need to get a haircut along with the massage treatment. 

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