Do You Have Black Screen Problem in iPhone Camera? Try These Technical Steps to Resolve the Issue

iPhone is lovely when it works properly

No denial, iPhone is one of the most ingenious gadgets of Apple Inc with exceptional features and sleek design. In fact, iPhone’s advanced automation technology makes it everyone’s favorite and easy to use. Unfortunately, however, malfunction and minor issues with this classy gadget are pretty common. Generally, users complain about the black screen of the camera, i.e., it doesn’t provide clear views and shows a black screen.

This issue is quite frustrating for users. So, it is advised to seek professional iPhone Repair Philippines services and let the expert technicians fix your iPhone perfectly.

Common Issues with iPhone

Here is the list of some common issues with your iPhone.

  • The camera freezes more often
  • The back camera shows a black screen
  • Camera apps are frozen and unable to use
  • Flash doesn’t sync completely
  • Missing options

Don’t worry; these issues are quite common, and you can fix them by using some technical expertise.

Technical Steps to Fix iPhone Black Screen Issues

You can follow these technical steps to fix your apple Phone’s camera.

  • Close Your Camera App

Generally, your iPhone camera app doesn’t load properly. As a result, your camera faces a black screen problem. You can fix this issue by closing your camera app forcefully.

To operate your app, you can preview it by tapping the Home button twice. Once you have tapped the home button twice, the next essential step is to swipe up the camera’s interface and close your camera app immediately.

Don’t rush for anything and wait for 5 to 10 minutes before you restart your phone.

We are sure; following the discussion mentioned above can resolve your issue, and your iPhone camera will start working usually.

  • Switch Your Camera (It’s Front or Rear Side)

If you don’t want to visit an iPhone repair shop, then you can try this trick. Hopefully, this trick will resolve your issue without visiting the repair center. For example, if you observe your front camera isn’t working correctly, you can switch it to rear-camera by tapping on your camera’s icon.

After two to three minutes, switch back to the front camera by tapping a similar icon. Indeed, it is a smart way to improve the performance of your iPhone’s camera.

  • Shut-Off Voice Over Feature

Surely, it is pretty surprising, but you should know that generally, iPhone users observe screen blackout when the voice-over feature is on.

Follow some most straightforward steps and resolve this issue in no time.

  • Go to your phone setting and click on the ‘General’ Option.
  • After that click the ‘Accessibility ‘option.
  • The next major step is to turn off the ‘Voice Over’ feature.

Once you have followed all the steps mentioned above, the next important thing is to wait for a few seconds before relaunching the camera app. It might take some time, but it’s worth waiting.

  • Restart Your iPhone

If the tips mentioned above and tricks aren’t yielding positive outcomes, then it’s the right time to restart your iPhone. First, restart the power cycle of your device by pressing the power button for a few seconds.

It helps you to show the power slider on the screen of your device. Slide that and turn off your phone for few seconds. After 30 seconds, press the power on button and see if your rear/front camera is working correctly.

  • Get Updated iOS Version

Sometimes, your iPhone doesn’t work perfectly, or its camera doesn’t show better performance due to an outdated iOS version. So, fix this issue and update your iOS version without any further delay.

You can easily update your iOS without any technical assistance. First, you can go to SETTING and click on the GENERAL option. Lastly, click on SOFTWARE UPDATE and update the outdated version.

However, keep your mobile 60% charged to update your mobile fully. Otherwise, your mobile can create some other issues.

Bring Your iPhone to Life, Let the Professional Repairs Fix it

Undeniably, the apple Phone is an expensive device, and not everyone can buy it easily. That’s why; it is better to take good care of your mobile to improve its performance for a longer time.

However, if you think you can’t fix your iPhone at home (as it requires proper skills and expertise), go to the professional repair center. Unfortunately, you can’t find a renowned and well-reputed repair center in the Philippines easily.

That’s why; it’s better to use the internet for this purpose. Internet is an ideal source to look for some well-reputed repair center near your vicinity. But, please, don’t compromise on the quality standards and always choose the repair center that provides exceptional services.

Remember, only the expert technicians can identify the root cause of your iPhone problem and suggest the ideal solution for it.


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