Set Up Your New iPhone

Easy Steps to set Up Your New iPhone 2021

Set Up Your New iPhone

If you’ve bought an all-new iPhone Follow these steps to find the most efficient method of getting it running swiftly and easily. Also, make sure to alter a few of the iOS settings to have an improved iOS 13 experience.

1. Upgrade Your Current Gear

Apple hasn’t made a formal statement about whether it’s required, but I’ve been advised by customer service staff that updating your current iPhone and, in particular, Your Apple Watch to the current iOS 13 and Watch OS6 could prevent potential issues with upgrading or re-pairing. If you have an existing iPhone go on to Settings ยป General > Software Update (second mentioned item). If you have the Apple Watch, go to the Watch app on your iPhone Tape My Watch on the far left side of the row at the bottom General > Software Update.

When you are opening the screen confirmation of the upgrade to iOS 13 you could be asked to enable automatic updating. Answer yes. We live in a time of constantly hacked and security threats. Most periodic iOS updates are focused on enhancing security features that you do not want to make your iPhone exposed to. Check out Samsung galaxy A12 price in Nigeria from genuine and authorized websites.

2. Back Up Your Current Gear

The new iPhone can be copied from your existing iPhone to ensure that the changes in use are solely in the hardware. To create an exact copy that includes all your photos, apps as well as email settings, settings, and passwords from the old phone to the new one, you’ll have to backup your existing iPhone prior to installing the new iPhone.

3. Set Up Manually

After you have updated and backed up your current iPhone, remove it from iTunes, disconnect it from the computer and put it away from your computer. Then, press the button on the right of the new iPhone to get it up. After you’ve cleared all the Hello, Language and Country screens, you’ll land at Quick Start, where you are advised to bring your existing iPhone close enough to make it cloneable. Do not do this. Cloning your old phone wirelessly to the new one can be a lengthy process, especially when you have a lot of gigabytes of files to transfer. Instead to tap the end of the Quick Start screen, tap “Set Up Manually.”

4. Set up Face ID

If you’re brand new to the iPhone X (and higher) series, you’ll no longer have the well-known Home button with a fingerprint sensor. Instead your face is the security code that unlocks your phone. The process of getting your brand new iPhone in touch with you is easy. When you’re asked to, just move your head till the circle of detection appears filled, and repeat. Your face will bring life to your iPhone however, you’ll be able to create your own cartoon character or personal representation of your face, and then send animated voice messages through iMessage. It is easy to buy and enquire about Google pixel 3a price in nigeria from genuine web sites.

5. Restore From iTunes

After installing Face ID and entering a passcode, the user will be taken to an Apps and Data screen. This is the stage at which your data will be transferred onto your new iPhone. Choose one of two options: “Restore from iTunes” or “Restore from iCloud.” If you choose “Restore from iTunes,” you’ll be asked to join your brand new iPhone to your computer and iTunes. When you’re on your PC when you have iTunes running, you’ll see a Welcome to Your New iPhone page with two options. Select the second option “Restore from this backup,” select the backup that you’ve made from the drop-down menu , then press Continue. Apps, emails, photos/videos settings, passwords, and passwords will transfer from your backup onto the new iPhone.

6. Add any new accounts , and change your default email calendar, contacts and email

If, however, you’re using the Apple Mail service, Gmail, Outlook or an alternative email account then you’ll need to go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts > Create Account. You can then select the email service you use and then enter the username as well as password. You can decide if you want to also sync the account’s Calendar, Contacts, Notes and reminders. You can also visit Settings > Mail to set the default email address for messages sent out of the Mail application.

7. Inactivate your SIM card

The first step is to try calling or texting someone using your brand new iPhone. If the call or text does not work, then you must make sure you activate the new device. Making contact with your carrier and requesting them to change your SIM card may take a couple of hours to complete. It might be easier to just change the SIM card on the older iPhone and then switch to the brand new.

8. Change the Name of the New iPhone

You can update your current iPhone’s name by going to two places either On the iPhone under Settings under General, About and Name or within iTunes you can click to the title of your iPhone in the upper right corner of the right sidebar. Once you do that, you’ll be in a position to alter the name of the iPhone there.

9. Change the email signature of your email

Once you have updated to the iPhone’s new name open the Settings on your new iPhone. Email (scroll downwards) and then Signatures (last at the lowest) and alter your signature’s “Sent from my iPhone” line to reflect the address of the new iPhone across all of your accounts for email.

10. Turn on Automatic Back Up

When you’re on your iTunes Summary screen, click the iCloud icon under Automatically Back Up. This way, in the event of an emergency (i.e. the loss or theft of a phone that needs to be replaced) you’ll always have a backup of your brand new iPhone available.


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