Thinking of going for an Invisalign Wimbledon is an exciting idea for young adults. They immediately start thinking that they will get a beautiful smile. In fact, they start researching and overthinking how they will look once the treatment is over.


Here are some hacks which you can follow to make the journey comfortable.


  • Keep track of when to change the Invisalign: one needs to change these trays every one or two weeks and this is something your dentist will suggest. He will write in and give it to you and your work is to check the date and wear it. You can mark it on your calendar or planner and switch it accordingly. Delaying putting these trays is a loss for you, you will not get the best result during the tentative time frame.


  • Invisalign case: your Invisalign case should be your best friend so keep it in your pocket and carry it wherever you go. Suppose you go out and you feel you need to take it out due to some reason or the other and if you wrap them in a handkerchief or tissue when you check after sometime you will see that it has changed its shape. You may try 100 possible ways to get back its original shape but you cannot. It can also happen that your aligners fall off from the bag and you do not get to know, so it is best to carry the case.


  • A good nail filer: is this not sounding weird? You might think what does a nail filer have to do with an aligner? Well, this is a hack that most of the users do not know. The aligners have sharp spots in them and that can cut the tongue. It can also bleed at the same time, so a good filer can fix this easier and you do not need to go to the dentist.


  • No chewing gum: many girls like chewing gum as it keeps them fresh but this should be a strict no when you are wearing invisible braces. This gum sticks to the aligners and it becomes very difficult to pull them out. You need to brush vigorously to bring them out, consequently, they will lose their shape, and the next time you wear them you will find them not in proper shape.


  • Switch before you sleep: this is a tip that most dentists ignore but it is really useful. During the treatment, your doctor will give you a set of aligners that you need to change every week. Wearing the new set is uncomfortable so wear it before you go to bed. If it hurts then it will be cured once you wake up the next morning. It is better to face the irritation or pain during the nighttime than throughout the day. While sleeping you will not feel like touching them with your tongue or fingers, in a way you are not disturbing them. So, whenever you change them, do it at night time.


  • Colourful chocolates: start considering that they are your enemy especially during this period. If these start causing cavities then you are going to face another problem. You need to treat cavities first then go back to wear aligners, so this is kind of wasting time during the treatment. Since the new generation Invisalign is made of plastic it can grow odour if you do not maintain them properly. Never wear them if you find it stinks as it will affect your oral health.


  • Emergency dental travel kit: carry an emergency dental travel kit wherever you go. It is necessary to wear clean aligners on clean teeth. This does not mean that one needs to brush his teeth after every meal. If you feel uncomfortable, change and wear a new one.


Invisalign is the best thing for you if you are an adult but you need to listen to your doctor as to how to use it. Though it is easy to maintain, you still need to hear the dentist. Try to apply these hacks because they are useful and will give the best result.


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