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How Much Does It Cost to Develop Best Food Delivery App 2021

Develop a Food Delivery App

With evolving technology, we are a step ahead in its usage. As a result, we enjoy getting services executed within a few clicks. Several applications like the food delivery app are one such example that has provided comfort and easy access to its users with its commendable services.

When the industry is so fast-growing, and the results are excellent, who doesn’t want to invest in food delivery app development?

Suppose you plan on executing this business of food delivery app development. In that case, this written piece will guide you through the cost of the project.

Insight on how the food delivery app functions?

Being the enterprise of any individual linked to the business, one must have smooth coordination with restaurants, food joints, bakeries, and other places with food services. This wide range of variety is essential to provide multiple choices to your customers.

When we begin with the food delivery app development, we integrate multi-restaurant delivery software linked with the food services you are joining hands with. The software consists of user’s location, making it easier for them to select a restaurant and the food items, and the suitable delivery location.

The user now confirms the order and makes the payment if online of COD, the restaurant is notified, and thus the process of preparing food begins. Once the food is ready to dispatch, the delivery agent is informed. The delivery boy later picks up the order from the restaurant and drops it off at the destination visible on the app.

The profit is calculated and divided between the app owner and the partner restaurant, with the pre-decided percentage of profit to be divided.

This was just a rough overview of how the app functions. You will have a clear understanding when you have studied the market of food delivery app in detail.

Features included in the Food delivery app development

There are three different panels in the food delivery app and used by three different parties, the user, the restaurant panel, and the delivery partners.

The features are customized differently for all three panels as they have different responsibilities to fulfil.

User Panel

It has all the mandatory features required for a user to put up with their information and requirement. Once the users log in and register themselves with their contact information, they can further enjoy using the app.

  • Login
  • Homepage
  • Search
  • Location
  • Filling up the cart
  • Wallets linked for payments
  • Track your order
  • Order history
  • Menu

Restaurant Panel

Restaurant partners also need to fill-up the form with their mandatory contact information details and documents required to verify themselves. After that, they can use the below-mentioned features and process their services.

  • Dashboard
  • Accept or reject the order
  • Real-time update for the food prepared
  • Payment
  • Manage restaurant account

Delivery agent panel

The delivery boy will have to get themselves verified by uploading the demanded documents. The verification has to be completed by the service provider and the app owner. The features mentioned below have to be on the delivery agent’s panel.

  • Sign up/ Sign in
  • Pick up request
  • Order History
  • Chat/Call
  • Payment mode
  • GPS tracking
  • Call/online support
  • Notification

Types of on-demand food delivery apps

  • Aggregator
  • App with Logistic support


In this model, there will be an app that acts as a platform between customers and restaurants. The food delivery apps using this model enable users to ask for a food delivery request, and it will be viewed by the restaurants to complete or reject the order.

This model doesn’t involve delivery partners to execute the complete process.

App with logistic support

As the heading suggests, the restaurant joins hands with delivery partners to execute the complete process. It has the advantage of real-time tracking from booking until the delivery boy delivers the food. The profit of the delivery agent is pre-decided, and they work accordingly.

Technology Stack for food delivery app development

These technologies are integrated during the development process as it is a transparent way of informing the customers on which technology the app is created. Also, as a client, you can have an idea and be involved with how these technologies work and serve the best for your product.

  • Registration–  Facebook, SDK login
  • Storage– Amazon Cloud Storage
  • Analytics– Google Analytics
  • Location– Google places API, Core location framework
  • Directions– Google maps, Mapkit
  • Payment– PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Square API
  • Restaurant listing– Grubhub API, FourSquare AP
  • Cloud– AWZ, Azure

Costing for the food delivery app development

Many factors affect the overall development cost for any application development. Of course, we can estimate the price, but to quote an exact amount without knowing the demands and requirements of the clients will not be justified.

Factors like the feature list, the platform, the region of the developers, the UI/UX, the time -period will define the costing of the product in the most accurate manner. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear insight into how much it will cost you to get a food delivery app development done to continue a smooth development process.

Basic quotations for food delivery app development may fall between $12000 to $20000. But if we are looking for a more advanced way for development and more sophisticated solutions, it may rise up to $40000 or maybe less than that.

If you choose a team that resides in Asian countries like India, you can save up to a lot of costs. India is a region for developers hired with the minimum costing. So you can save on the development costs and invest that amount in your product’s marketing or by increasing your feature list. This way, you will have quality work within your budget with more advanced solutions.

Wrapping up

We hope that the information collected provided above with the experience of the people involved in the business was helpful enough. In addition, market research with an idea of how to execute such big projects is always helpful. Such written pieces give you a rough idea that can help you draft your vision and make it easier for you to convey it clearly to the team you are willing to hire.


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