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How to apply for a Singapore employment visa (#1 Best)

employment visa

There are several reasons why you should apply for an employment visa in Singapore. It provides several options and possibilities due to having one of the highest living standards in the world. Singapore has the region’s best healthcare and education systems. Working here is highly recommended because the infrastructure is among the best available. 


Because Singapore is made up of firms from many industries, it has a diverse range of work opportunities. As a result, Singapore provides a variety of job work visa options. The type of visa issued is determined by the applicant’s qualifications. 


Foreign professionals, for example, may apply for a work visa. Employees with mid-level skill sets may be eligible for the S pass. Unskilled foreign workers may apply for a work visa in Singapore. Entrepreneurs can also apply for a visa, which has a range of requirements. 


If you wish to apply for a work visa, you need to first learn about the requirements for each visa. We’ll go through how to apply for any type of employment visa, including the work permit Singapore visa, in this post. 

#1 Employment pass 


Professionals can apply for a Singapore employment visa. All nationalities are welcome to apply as long as they satisfy the requirements. Any Singaporean firm would have offered them a job. The job must be at the executive or management levels. It may be a job offer for a comparable-level specialist. 


Individuals who wish to apply must also have a monthly income of at least $4,500. Because this is a professional position, you must have a strong university degree or certificate. However, a larger monthly pay and more experience are necessary if the individual is in their 40s. 


You can open a savings or current account if you have this Singapore work pass. As a consequence of this, you will be able to rent a property or obtain medical insurance in the area. 


This visa is valid for one to two years and may be renewed for another three. To apply for a new work permit Singapore visa, the current one does not need to be cancelled. This visa also permits the holder to travel outside of the nation without the requirement for a visa renewal. The holder will be able to seek permanent residency after a year. 


Family members are also eligible to apply for a visa and visit Singapore. This application should be filled out by the firm or a reliable representative. 

#2 S pass


This work permit Singapore visa is designed for people with a mid-level skill set. Bartenders, taxi drivers, bus drivers, and flight attendants are among those affected. To be eligible for this visa, applicants must earn at least $2,500 per month. 


Candidates must also have a degree or certificate in a related field. Technical credentials that are related to the work function are recognized by Singaporean authorities. If you wish to apply for an S pass, you must satisfy the fundamental requirements listed below. 


Individuals and sponsors should be aware that Singapore only permits pass holders to work for 20% of the entire workforce. This type of limitation permitted Singaporeans to work in the country’s publicly traded enterprises. 


An S pass holder’s medical insurance is given by their employer. This job work visa allows individuals to bring their family members with them, in addition to the various perks that Singapore provides. 


The dependent’s pass may be used by a lawfully married spouse and their children under the age of 21. Disabled children above the age of 21 may seek long-term visit authorization under common law. 

#3 Work permit tailored to the individual 


The customized employment visa is said to be a better version of the standard employment pass. You can apply for this visa if you have a valid work permit Singapore visa and earn at least $12,000 per month. 


Foreign applicants who are currently working in another country and earning at least $18,000 per month in that country are eligible to apply. Many people want to apply for a customized work permit Singapore visa because it gives additional benefits. 


One of the advantages of this visa is that you may apply for jobs in any field in Singapore. They are also exempt from the requirement to apply for a new visa if they change jobs or firms. The sole need is that these people notify Singaporean authorities of the changes. 


Holders are also permitted to remain in Singapore for up to six months without working. These advantages are in addition to those currently available to job pass holders. 

#4 Singapore Work Permit Visa 


To apply for this visa, international candidates must be at least 18 years old. Minors will not be permitted to work in any Singaporean firm under any circumstances. 


The type of Singapore visa you require is determined by the industry in which you wish to work. This Singapore employment visa is valid for industries such as construction, marine shipbuilding, manufacturing, services, and processing. 


Your qualification requirements for employment are determined by the industrial sector in which you work. In order to be considered in that industry, your local sponsoring firm must also satisfy the relevant standards. If you wish to apply, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the prerequisites beforehand. 


The ability to travel is one of the advantages of having a work visa. Singapore visa holders may be able to obtain medical insurance through their work. Singapore also has one of the lowest tax rates in the world, which is why more foreigners want to work here because of its labour-friendly regulations. 

Working in Singapore has several advantages 

#1 Infrastructure of high grade 

Singapore has one of the greatest infrastructure sectors in the world. They have one of the greatest engineering and architectural industries in the world, which results in one of the best infrastructures. 


Individuals may be able to travel more easily because of world-class infrastructure, such as trains. These kinds of enhancements make it easier to get around on a regular basis. 

#2 The number of homicides is minimal 

Singapore’s low crime rate is one of the reasons it is ideal for foreigners. This is owing to its robust and powerful legal system, which makes evasion of penalty impossible. 


Their system is solid, which contributes to their status as one of the world’s safest countries. The government has taken efforts to ensure that criminals are dealt with properly and that they do not get away with their crimes. 

#3 Low living costs 

Singapore has one of the lowest living costs in the world. It is simple for foreigners to live comfortably, and there is a variety of low-cost goods and beverages. It is simpler for ex-pats to live and save money since they do not have to spend as much money on necessities. 

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