How to build customer engagements for e-commerce marketplaces

Build customer engagements for e-commerce marketplaces

Present digital times have escalated the population of virtual communications. Voice calling is one of the fastest mediums of interaction connecting people. In this article, we shall discuss the main concepts revolving around voice calling API for marketplaces and E-commerce.

Efficient communication provided by voice API for eCommerce

Good communication is the key to long term relationships with customers. And, long relations lead to sustainable business development, growth, and profit maximization. A programmable voice API boosts your communication strategies in the best ways and levels up your efforts to offer customer satisfaction. Let’s take a close look at some of the most popular communication benefits offered by an efficient voice API.

Boost buyer engagement

Voice API helps you engage with your buyers in real-time. You can craft a customized and interactive shopping experience for your customers by leveraging voice API. It allows you to use special features like audio calling, group conferencing, call recording, and many more.

Enhance customer care

A good voice API helps you build a powerful communication ecosystem for your business. You can interact with customers via instant audio calls and provide immediate customer service. Quick response is something that all customers appreciate.

Alleviate cart abandonment

With programmable voice API, you can communicate with your customer real quick and help them navigate your site properly. This way, customers will stay interested in your product and not leave the site abruptly. So yes, efficient communication reduces the possibilities of cart abandonment.

Beef up sales

Voice API helps boost your interactions with customers via HQ audio calling. More the customer satisfaction the more is the likelihood of converting your site visitors into buyers. It increases your ROI.

Integrate voice API for e-commerce & marketplace and witness multiple benefits

Effective online communication plays a crucial role in driving sales for e-commerce businesses in present digital times. It also helps in enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

The more smoothly your visitors are able to interact with your platform, the more are the chances of them converting into customers. And you can engage them inefficient communications via advanced voice chat APIs having modern communication features.

Let’s dive deep into some of the best advantages of integrating voice API for marketplaces and e-commerce.

Experience real-time audio calling

With voice API, you can conduct speedy communication with your customers. You can carry out real-time audio conferencing and provide your customers with an enhanced conversational experience. You can help them easily navigate through your platform, be it a website or app.

Conduct smooth audio conferencing

Integrate voice API in your voice app or application and enjoy a plethora of advanced features such as one-on-one personalized conversations with your customers, group audio calls with no limit on the number of participants, recordable voice calls, live audio streaming, and much more. When customers get to enjoy these features, they think of you as an efficient business and are more likely to invest in your product or service.

Get a suite of voice chat features

You can leverage the embedded voice chat features to increase engagements and boost sales. With voice file sharing, you can quickly connect with your customers regarding their order status, invoice, and other essentials.

Also, call recording helps you review and analyze your customers’ feedback and expectations. You can utilize it to work better towards enhancing their experience. All these things ultimately help you transform your communication strategies, thereby, leading to greater customer satisfaction and sales.

Level up user management

A well-functioning voice API helps you offer enhanced support to your customers. It helps you prevent unauthorized access to your customer’s database and detect fraudulent callers. You can craft a user registration and login section to your voice chat app to help interested customers stay connected with you for a long period of time. There are chances that with good user management, users will prefer coming back to your platform for their requirements, thereby, generating more growth.

How to make money from voice chat platforms?

Ever wondered how leading voice chat apps such as WhatsApp or WeChat make business and optimize their money-making capabilities? We can explain.

The main motive for your app should be to move beyond just providing audio communications. You should focus on including advanced additional features in your app such as broadened media sharing, live audio streaming, smooth seamless payment options, and others to offer a modern communication experience to customers.

Things like digital commerce can be a great source for revenue generation for your app and can help you turn into a successful Voice app amongst the sea of competitors in the market. Voice chat platforms can open the doors to many money-making opportunities. Let’s have a close look at some of them:

Charge subscription fees

Users tend to like apps that fulfil more requirements for them rather than just standard calling features. And, they like it even better when they get it for free. So, you can make sure that your app offers advanced audio features for free for a limited time period. And then, set a fair subscription fee for users looking forward to leveraging your app. Users will surely stick to your app if it delivers state-of-the-art functionalities to them. Hence, subscription fees can be a profit-making source for your business.

Integrate in-app purchases in your app

In-app purchases are the payments that any user is required to make to buy additional subscriptions or features inside your app. It is not included in the initial cost of downloading the app. You can charge users for certain additional features such as multiple chat participation, live audio streaming, HQ file sharing, and many more and label them as your premium features. In-app purchase also facilitates the sale of your products or services.

Conduct advertisements and sponsorships

Advertising and sponsorship are some of the top ways of earning extra money via your voice chat app. You can reach out to companies that would be a great fit for your audience. You can charge a suitable amount from those businesses who choose to display their ads on your chat app. Every time a business chooses to run ads with your app, you earn additional money.

Challenges while building a voice chat platform & suitable tips to tackle them

More and more people are attracted to digital connectivity in the present virtual age. Thus, the creation of apps is on a rise. Have you been thinking of crafting a voice chat platform lately? Well, building a customized platform can pose a few challenges. Let’s dig deep into them one by one and study the best ways to tackle them.

User retention

User retention is all about making people come back to your chatting platform. You need to make sure that your chat platform has all the necessary features to attract audience attention in the right ways. Try to keep a fair subscription fee for your voice platform to gain more engagements. Also, keep assessing the loading time for your chat platform and address all the crashing issues that can possibly occur in the future. This way, you can ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Customer onboarding

Onboarding is a crucial aspect of your voice chat platform. A bad onboarding experience can take your customers away from you. Make sure to craft the signup process as simple as possible. Too many steps can make the customer lose interest in your platform. Focus on crafting a user-friendly interface for your voice chat app.


Personalization is the key to building long-term relationships with your customers. Users start to lose interest if they don’t feel connected to your platform. Making your customers feel valued via customization can encourage continued use of your platform. Make sure to craft features that can attend to each user’s requirements in a tailored manner.

Lack of incentives

Many times, customers fail to gain interest in your platform due to the absence of a catchy offer, discount or sale. These are fun features that are liked by all. Hence, you can add certain incentives like a free trial to your platform to attract attention.


It is indispensable to conduct regular evaluations of your voice chat platform for its smooth functioning. Watch the latest trends in technology and how you can leverage them to stay on top of customer engagement. Keep looking for updated capabilities in your platform to boost customer satisfaction.

Integrate voice API for marketplace & e-commerce and generate better business growth

A good voice API can upgrade your communication efficiency, leading to improved customer engagement. Higher customer satisfaction can result in increased conversions and speed up your brand popularity process. So, what are you waiting for? Leverage the power of voice API and drive business success like never before!

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