How to Buy China Injection Molding Parts 2021

A buyer and China Injection Molding contractor may need to negotiate a lot before a final product is decided on when purchasing an injection mould.

However, the following tips can help you save a lot of time during this difficult process, as well as making it as simple and easy as possible.

RFQs should be detailed

No matter how skilled mould manufacturers in china are, if you don’t clarify what you’re looking for, they will not be able to help. Identify as many specifics as possible at this phase, including the number of cavities, the type of steel, and how long you expect your mould to last. Your mould maker will be able to help you decide what’s right for you if you aren’t sure about any of these factors. RFQs that are more precise will receive more accurate quotes.

Ask for a quote in an open and honest manner

The mould maker will be able to provide you with a quick quote if you need a general quote to pass to another department. If you don’t need such a detailed quote or if you aren’t interested in purchasing from the mould maker, it would not be fair to waste their time.

Make sure you don’t steal a moldmaker’s ideas

You cannot simply hire someone else to do the job for you based on the ideas or suggestions provided by your moldmaker. Then, if you decide to work with a different moldmaker, be sure to take their suggestions into consideration- not only is it not okay to use the ideas of someone else, but it can also confuse the final moldmaker because he won’t understand why those suggestions were made.

Consider partnering with your moldmaker

Your moldmaker will be able to work with you to effectively meet your budget, timetable, and part quantity expectations by working as a team.
Throughout the moldmaking process, keep communication open. Moldmakers will happily update you on your build’s progress and provide regular progress reports. Be sure to ask for any information you need to ease your mind so that you can be confident that everything is going according to plan.

Pay your bills on time every time

Moldmakers usually work within a tight budget and charge upfront fees to begin the process. Your mould won’t be delivered on time if you delay payment- it’s as simple as that. If you want a payment plan that works for you and your moldmaker, ask them how to do it.

An injection mould must be changed if you change your part design. It’s unlikely that you’ll get the mould at the original price quote or timeframe if you change the part design during the injection moulding process. Changing anything in the mould will add both cost and time to building the mould.


The completion of your mould has different definitions- the final payment, when the sample part is received, or when the final product is shipped all fall under this category. It is generally considered complete when an injection mould can be used to produce the intended part. In most cases, moldmakers are prepared to make small changes at the end of the process to produce parts that match the print specifications. It is still possible for an injection mould to be considered completed if these dimensions change late in the process – any additional charges will be billed via an engineering change order.

Usually, there is a reason for something being cheap. While most mould makers will offer a discount because their products are of the highest quality, many others will offer discounts because their own costs are low. Paying more for a high-quality product will last longer than being stung by an inferior product.
An injection mould is certainly an investment, as the old adage goes: you get what you buy. You can only produce quality components if your mould is perfect for your needs. Before purchasing an injection mould, make sure that it is the perfect match for your needs.

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