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How to Create a Video Conference App  2021

Video Conference App

With people moving towards quick communications in the present digital times, it is essential to keep up with the latest technologies. Well, video communication is one of the fastest-growing modes of interaction these days. Hence, as a business, you should be looking forward to utilizing its potentialities to the fullest. Have you been planning to build a video conference app for your business lately? In this article, we shall discuss everything revolving around building a video call app that supports optimized business growth and efficiency. 

Meaning of video API

Crafting a video calling app involves myriad stages. Building a video app from scratch may consume a lot of money and resources. This is where a video chat API comes into play. You can always develop your video calling app by leveraging third-party video API providers. API stands for Application Programming Interface. An efficient video call api has a list of advanced features that can lead to hitch-free video communications. The modern API features can be easily integrated into your video communication system.   

Advantages of video conferencing in business

Online video calls are forming a major part of business communications. It ensures smoother team collaboration and gives way to maximize customer satisfaction. Let us have a close look at some of the best benefits of video conferencing in business: 

1.Super convenient

Video conferencing is one of the quickest ways to connect with your colleagues and customers and boosts engagements.  Given the pandemic situation worldwide, video conferencing has helped businesses carry out remote business operations smoothly.  Be it customer service or employee onboarding, video chats have helped businesses ace the work from home practices. 

2.Money & resource-saving

Leveraging video conferencing helps businesses save money and resources on business infrastructure and customer communication. Businesses can connect with their team from anywhere at any point of point. This kind of accessibility works wonders for businesses. They can focus more on business development and growth rather than worrying about unwanted expenditures. 

3.Personal online meetings

Secure video conferencing boosts client interactions, customer communications and in-house collaboration. Smooth personal conversations are one way of enhancing relationships with your customers, clients and team members. It ultimately leads to better business efficiency. 

4.Recording features 

An efficient video conferencing app comes with advanced recording features. You can record conversations with customers and utilize their feedback for working towards better business efficiency. 

5.Online employee onboarding

Video call apps help businesses function in a remote environment smoothly. It helps businesses to introduce new employees to the rest of the team. Moreover, it enables you to walk your employees through the work process effectively. 

6.Better business accessibility

Video chats have turned communications utterly convenient. Customers can reach you anytime from any corner of the world without any hassles. Moreover, given the virtual work mode, a one-on-one video interaction helps businesses bridge all gaps with the customers and understand their doubts and queries better. 

7.Virtual workforce 

An efficient video chat application can help your team turn into a digital workforce efficiently. In given technological times, it is essential to keep yourself updated with digital know-how. And video calling makes it easier to comprehend business communications and operations in virtual times. Teams can easily collaborate to work together on important business tasks. 

Who requires video communication apps? 

There are many benefits of video calling apps such as smooth conversations with better security,  quick communications enabling better workflow and a lot more. In today’s fast-paced digital milieu, almost every industry requires the advantages of video conferencing apps.  Let us have a close look at some of them: 

1.Healthcare industry

Given the pandemic situation all around, hospitals and other healthcare entities are in utmost need of video chat apps. This is because efficient apps can help doctors and patients connect to each other without any hassles. This, in turn, helps in effective healthcare operations. 

2.Learning Management System

Video call apps can be of great help in a remote work set up. They can be a great engaging platform for e-training of employees. Video apps can boost the learning management system and lead to better business efficiency. 

3.Customer Relationship Management 

Video apps can level up your sales capabilities. It can help businesses build better relationships with customers via face-to-face conversation, chats, screen sharing, document sharing, and much more. Better relationships lead to better business engagements. 

4.Digital appliances & gadget business

With the pandemic hitting the world badly, more and more people are choosing to buy products online. Though many place their doubts while ordering electronic appliances online. However, by integrating video applications into your business, you can provide demos to customers to win their trust. This can ultimately lead to more sales. 

Common challenges of creating video chat platforms from scratch 

 Building a video chat app may take a lot of time and resources. Here we shall discuss some of the challenges associated with creating a video call application from the ground. 

1.Long delivery duration

When an application is built from scratch, it requires a lot of testing. Every feature needs to be tested separately. All processes involved in the creation of the app might consume a lot of time till the delivery of the final product. 

2.Operational complexity issue 

Crafting an app from scratch can lead to various operational complexities. As it is time-consuming, you may not be able to concentrate on your other core business activities.  Moreover, you’ll have set up an entire fresh infrastructure for your app that in turn, needs to meet a lot of expectations. 

3.Privacy and security

Privacy is one of the major concerns for building any app. You need to make sure that your app is end-to-end encrypted and efficient enough to safeguard relevant information and documents. 

Top-notch video chat API providers 

Investing time and resources on building a video chat app from scratch may unnecessarily distract you from your core business operations. But don’t worry. Video API providers have got your back. They can help you integrate the latest video features into your chat platform. Let us take a closer look at some of the best video chat API providers. 

1.CONTUS MirrorFly 

CONTUS MirrorFly is considered one of the most popular customizable video chat solutions that offers the best video call APIs and SDKs. It can run on iOS, android and web applications. It ensures multi-member participation, video recording, video broadcasting, private real-time chats, end to end encryptions and many more. With CONTUS MirrorFly, you can host unlimited webinars and seminars and experience the best remote collaborations. 


 Twilio provides you with an enhanced video calling experience. . It helps you create real-time video apps. With a set of flexible APIs and SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript Twilio are considered one of the best video chat software solutions. Also, you get end-to-end encryption, emojis and stickers, digital whiteboard and can ensure the data privacy and security of your customers. You can find high-quality connections, media control and recordings with Twilio. 


Popular backend communication platform that provides messenger APIs and SDKs for websites and apps. It can run on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.  It is HIPAA and GDPR compliant.  Experience real-time video group conversation with Quickblox. Video streaming, call recording are some of their most popular features. 

4.Amazon Chime SDK

Set of real-time communication solutions that can be utilized for audio, video, screen sharing capabilities. It can be used for telemedicine, remote learning, gaming, and other industries. 


Get instant messaging SDK and chat API for iOS, android and web applications with Sinch. With easy integration and quick testing, Sinch can be your go-to video chat software provider. One of the best things about Sinch is that it supports personalized messaging, signalling Firewall, verification and many more. Integrate live video call API for websites without hassles with Sinch. 

How does the video app API interact with your platform? 

In order to integrate the video app API features into your application or platform, you require several essential components. Let us discuss them one by one. 

  1. First of all, you would require your video account credentials.  
  2. In addition to that, your server application will ask the chat SDK to create a meeting room. 
  3.  Then the video SDK responds and the first user asks for an access token from the server.  
  4. In response to that, the application server utilizes video SDK account credentials to forward a secure access token.  
  5. User 1 joins the meeting room after receiving the token.  
  6. However, the video SDK verifies the token. After the verification, user 1 becomes the participant. 


We hope our article helped you understand the nuances of building a video calling app. In case you have time and resource shortage, you can always leverage video call APIs for quick establishment of your video platform. It is convenient for businesses. Come up with your video chat app and give way to efficient business communications. 

Happy video chit chats to you!

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