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Main Features of Windows 11 That You Might Have Missed

Microsoft unveils Windows 11

Microsoft unveils Windows 11, the latest version of their flagship product, and promises a seamless upgrade experience from 10. From the looks of it so far, Windows 11 will be more user-centric than its predecessor, with new features including Cortana integration and better multitasking. But what are the main features that make Windows 11 worth upgrading to?


Windows 11 touts a streamlined interface with intuitive icons and menus, reminding us of our favourite smartphone apps – we could hardly tap fast enough! One major feature is that it’s designed for touch screens too. You can click on an app to launch it or swipe up from the bottom to get back to your home screen.


Windows 11 has a virtual reality headset that turns your computer into a 3D theatre. You’ll be able to play games in full circle navigation, where you can see everything in the scene without turning around. You can also watch 3D movies and roam around the characters and environments like you’re really there.


Windows 11 will have a Cortana app that allows you to chat with the intelligent persona from Windows 10 in real-time – no need to click on search boxes anymore! Want to know what movies are playing? Just ask her! She also makes grocery lists, helps scan documents and emails, and lets you know about local events.


The main features of Windows 11 are designed for tablets like the Xbox. You can now move apps to the second page for a clearer view. Windows is also being redesigned from a tile-based system with menus to an app-based system like iOS or Android. This means you can open any app from anywhere on your screen.

And then there’s Continuum which allows you to connect a keyboard and mouse, otherwise known as an Extended Keyboard, and use the machine through touch-screen mode while playing games or browsing apps.


Another feature of Windows 11 is called Windows Subsystem for Linux, allowing you to use many Linux based applications on a wide range of apps that are compatible with WSL.

Windows 11 will be fully compatible with Windows 11 and other PC games and programs. You can also stream games to a separate device even if your computer is asleep!


Widget is a new app that makes it easier to access the apps you want, from your favourite websites and social media accounts.

Want to listen to music without having to open a program? Headphones can now be integrated into Windows 11 through Cortana, allowing you to control your music with gestures.

Windows 11 will be able to stream games from your Xbox or other devices through Continuum as mentioned earlier. You can also just use Xbox voice commands like “Xbox, watch A Gundam!” and the game will start playing on the big screen!


There will be a new browser called Spartan which is optimized for performance and battery life.


Need one more reason for upgrading to Windows 11


Windows 11’s best feature is that it’s free for all Windows 10 users. It will be soon available for its existing users. 

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