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Massage Spa – How to Relax on the Subway

Massage Spa – How to Relax on the Subway

People have different definitions of relaxation. When you are in Dubai you can do almost anything. You can go to the malls and shop for as long as you want. You can also visit the gambling establishments as well as the clubs if you want to discover the festive life of the city. However, if you are one of those laid-back types of people, you can still try some of the new Dubai spa massage parlours dotted around the metro. You will surely be able to enjoy a good full-body massage, as well as other types of treatments.


For those who love massage therapies, Dubai has tons of services that they can visit. These also have variations, depending on the speciality of the facility: Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Reflexology, and many more. Apart from these, you can undergo skin treatments, which are not as painful or as expensive as surgeries, such as facials, herbal therapies, etc. Best Massage Center in Al Barsha

The staff at each facility will always be available

Amenities like pools, hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms have also appeared in some of the subway’s most famous spas. On top of all of this, one distinguishing feature that Dubai spas keep customers coming back for is their excellent service. The staff at each facility will always be available to assist you with all your needs. Of course, when you go out you will find that you will feel refreshed and pampered from head to toe.


In the past, spa centres in Dubai were only found in hotels. In general, those that are independent tend to be expensive. However, today there are spas that charge reduced rates. In fact, you can get a nice full-body massage on the P250 and also get benefits like free drinks. These spas are not as luxurious as expensive establishments, but they can still provide a heavenly massage for clients. These can be found in shopping malls or even popular subway locations.


In general, the spa facilities in the metro have evolved a lot. Now you don’t have to travel far to find a city break. With the Dubai spa massage facilities built in the UAE today, you can relax in the hands of a professional masseuse.

Massages – The Magical Human Touch

The other day, while watching a movie, I had to reassess my mood because one of the dialogues in the movie caught my attention. The dialogue read: “We are so busy making our life easier that we forget to improve it.”


Today we can get information about the whole world with the click of a button. Receive food at our door. The list is endless. You name it and it can be done.


However, two minutes after starting a conversation with almost anyone, and the stressful life we ​​lead becomes a main topic of discussion.


According to research, four- and five-year-olds are affected by stress. Simply put, stress is your body’s reaction to the excessive demands placed on it. Stress manifests itself in different ways.


For some, it could be back pain. For others, it may be a headache, neck pain, or simply a condition where one feels completely exhausted. Well, no matter what a person’s specific complaint is, one thing is absolutely certain and that is that if the condition is not treated, the consequences can be quite dire.


Why a massage?


Helps improve circulation.

Strengthens and stimulates the immune system, thus increasing resistance to diseases.

It can be a powerful solution for insomnia.

Releases endorphins, which produce the wellness factor.

Relieves aches and pains and increases relaxation.


An ancient way of healing and reducing pain that has no side effects or addictive nature known to man is the art of massage. In fact, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended massage as a therapy to relieve pain and stress. And the Chinese had perfected the art nearly three thousand years ago.


Today, massage clinics have multiplied throughout the city. The different types of therapeutic massages offered are


Ayurvedic Massage: Ancient Ayurveda prescribed certain special massage techniques that use special plant oils that help relax the body, normalize the flow of energy, and rejuvenate and heal.


Sports massage – As the name suggests, it is given to athletes to help tone muscles and increase performance. It is also used to treat injuries caused during sports.


Shiatsu: This Japanese technique is a combination of techniques used in acupressure and acupuncture to help balance the flow of energy in the body.


Stone therapy, also known as heat therapy, is gaining popularity as an effective massage therapy that uses temperature differences to relieve pain. The therapist uses a combination of hot and cold smooth stones to provide relief.


Aromatherapy massages use essential oils with fluid movements called “effleurage.” This massage therapy can be used to treat physiological and psychological problems. Chinese Massage in Tecom


Thai massage: This technique has been practised for more than two thousand years. The masseur uses pressure techniques to open the blocked energy channels. No oil or cream is used. Other popular forms of massage are reflexology and acupressure.


Dos and don’ts before and after a massage


Drink lots of water before and after a massage. This will help remove the toxins released during the massage.

Do not eat a large meal for at least an hour before and after the session.

Keep your mind completely relaxed during the massage.

Do not wear perfume or apply lotion when you go for massage therapy.

Do not get off the massage table as soon as the treatment is finished. Relax for a moment before getting up!


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