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Michelin Car Foot Pump- Honest and Best Review 2021

Apart from its premium tyres, the car foot pump by Michelin is also its best-selling product. Here I have reviewed their double-barrel digital foot pump. The entire range of Michelin foot pumps is more or less the same with slight variations that you’ll get to know in this article.

Why do you need a car foot pump?

A Michelin tyre foot pump is a real ‘value for money product that every bike and car owner must have. Here are the two major reasons for that:

For regular tyre maintenance

Driving on underinflated tyres turns out to be really bad for them as it promotes uneven tyre wear.

Also, this reduces the fuel economy of the vehicle.

An in-house foot pump can help you regularly keep a check on the tyre pressure. 

You can do so once every week and once before going on long trips.


For emergency situations

There can be times when one of your tyres goes flat in the middle of a road and there isn’t a repair shop nearby. 

In such cases, a foot pump allows you to inflate that tyre in less than 10-15 minutes and you can quickly get back on the road.


Best features of Michelin car foot pump

These are the best reasons why Michelin car foot pumps are better than most counterparts available in the market:


  • Easy to use

The best part about owning a Michelin car foot pump is that it is very easy to use.

Just a simple four-step process:

  1. Unlock the rubber tread plate from the barrel by twisting the yellow lever down.
  2. Connect the foot pump’s hose with your vehicle’s tyre’s outlet valve.
  3. Put your stronger foot on the footprint tread plate and start pumping.
  4. Continue pumping until you see the desired pressure reading on the in-built gauge.


You must stop pumping just as the tyre is inflated to the desired level and disconnect the hose. And you are done!

Compact and handy

Being cordless, the Michelin car tyre foot pump is super handy to use.

You can just put it in your car’s boot and take it with you wherever you go, even for long road trips with your friends or family.


Wide tread plate

Michelin’s range of car foot pumps comes with a super wide and sturdy footprint tread, especially its double-barrel foot pumps.

The plate is made of rubber treads, similar to those that we see on bike or car tyres. 

This, coupled with the wide size of the plate provides extra stability so you don’t have to worry about slipping your foot off the footprint plate.


Powerful service

Inflating your tyre with a Michelin tyre foot pump is not a tiresome exercise. This is because this device is super powerful.

With this foot pump, you can easily refill any tyre from 0 to 30 PSI in less than 10-15 minutes.


In-built gauge

Michelin foot pump is also ideal for regular maintenance of your tyres at home due to its in-built gauge. 

It comes in two variants- one with a digital gauge and the others with an analogue gauge.

So, you can always take out 5 minutes from your schedule and quickly take a round around your car or bike with the foot pump and check the pressure of all its tyres.


Digital display

Many variants of Michelin foot pump come with an in-built digital gauge.

This digital display is especially very wide for easy visibility of the tyre pressure. 

The brightness of the display with the white coloured digits only enhances its visibility and makes it easier to use the foot pump even under the bright sun.


Versatile compatibility

Michelin foot pumps and tyre inflators can be useful to inflate tyres of all cars, bikes, trucks, and even tractors.

One can also use them to refill air in sports equipment like basketball, football, etc.


Wide range of variants

Michelin’s range of foot pumps is very versatile. It aims to fit everyone’ budget and needs. They offer:


  1. A single barrel foot pump with analogue gauge
  2. A single barrel foot pump with digital gauge
  3. A double-barrel foot pump with digital gauge
  4. A double-barrel foot pump with digital gauge



So, here was everything about the best and the most practical car foot pump in India. My honest opinion? I totally loved it.

While the Michelin foot pump is ideal for taking regular care of your tyres at home to prolong their service life, it also comes out as a saviour in unfavourable conditions like a flat tyre situation on a deserted highway.

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Hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. Have a wonderful day ahead.


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