OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 review : Still a solid phone

OnePlus 7 review

OnePlus has constructed somewhat of standing for doing things another way: delivering each telephone in turn, and just selling that one, all-in leader telephone. Another model was by and large acquainted at regular intervals with a guarantee the organization consistently offered the most remarkable processor-accessible.

However, in 2019 things changed. In the first of that year, OnePlus dispatched a super top-notch leader, the OnePlus 7 Pro (and a 5G adaptation), just as the typical and more reasonable handset, the OnePlus 7. Nor are the current models any longer, yet that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contemplate getting one.

Design: If it ain’t broke?

Shut your eyes, grasp it, and you may very well accept that you’re holding a OnePlus 6 when you get the OnePlus 7. What’s more, there’s a valid justification for that: generally, the outside shape, plan, and materials have remained something very similar. However, that is not really something terrible. It absolutely wouldn’t be the principal organization to deliver an iterative overhaul on its past gadget.

What’s benefit is that the standard model is more modest, lighter, and more agreeable to hold than the greater OnePlus 7 Pro. Saying this doesn’t imply that it’s little, however – it’s simply that the Pro is one of the greatest Smartphones we’ve utilized as of late.

The glass on the rear of the OnePlus 7 bends towards the edges, helping give an ergonomic feel. The standard completion is a lustrous mirror dim – equivalent to the OnePlus 7 Pro’s glossy choice. Being glossy means it’s very inclined to have unique mark smearing and little scratches and scrapes. After minimal over seven days of utilizing the telephone day by day without a case, there were at that point some extremely minor scratches showing up on the glass back.

As is frequently the situation with OnePlus, the body doesn’t have an IP guaranteed protection from water or residue. It is fixed to withstand “mishaps”, in any case, which means it ought to endure fine and dandy on the off chance that you pick up the telephone in the downpour, or unintentionally drop it in a puddle and quickly get it once more.

There is one slight contrast in any case: the greater earpiece grille along the extremely top edge is significantly longer to account for an all the more remarkable Dolby-controlled speaker. This joins the speaker on the base edge to make a genuinely nice sound system sound, albeit the base speaker is observably better as far as bass execution than the main one.

No new display, but that’s okay

There’s not a ton new to write about the OnePlus 7’s showcase by the same token. With the organization centering a ton of its consideration on the 7 Pro’s uber marvelous 90Hz QuadHD board – that implies it invigorates 50% more than the typical screen, for smoother visuals – the 7 didn’t get as much love from the promoting office at OnePlus. All things considered, it’s as yet a decent board.

As far as a goal it’s essentially comparable to most lead telephones out there. In the time of longer perspective proportion boards, seeing a cycle of Full HD+ isn’t uncommon in any way. Analyze fine text or subtleties very close, and you will see they don’t look very as smooth and sharp as they do on a Quad HD show, however, it’s not something you notice effectively at a careful distance. Yet to determine battery to sharpness, we imagine that is okay.

It’s an AMOLED screen, as well, which means bunches of shading and difference in its default striking mode. Be that as it may, being OnePlus you likewise will change the alignment and shading to coordinate with your very own inclinations. You can pick either DCI-P3 and sRGB modes for a more shading exact look, or change the shading temperature to make it hotter or cooler.


Like the Pro model, the OnePlus 7 has the new 48-megapixel essential sensor, which ties four pixels into one, to make sharp 12-megapixel pictures. It’s combined with an optional 20-megapixel sensor that is just truly there for extra picture information – utilized for things like profundity measure – and isn’t of any utilization all alone.

This is one of the vitally staying focuses that may push you towards the Pro model, however, which has three cameras, each with its own motivation. In the 7 you simply get one – albeit the camera interface permits you to change to 2x zoom and the outcome is a picture that is still beautifully gritty on account of that load of pixels.

In great light the outcomes are good. You’ll settle the score, bright and definite shots that look incredible. It’s positively all that anyone could need for your online media propensities. Indeed, even the forward-looking camera creates great shots in great light.

However, the back camera isn’t awesome. While its high unique reach (HDR) calculation works really hard to evening out most pictures where there’s cruel differentiation, we discovered sometimes that the features were over uncovered.

On the potential gain, this camera allows you to get very near items and still figure out how to center, given there isn’t much else battling for consideration, or the subject isn’t moving excessively.

In low light conditions, the camera pulls in a lot of information to deliver respectable pictures, working really hard at keeping edges and detail sharp. Albeit, justifiably, there’s somewhat more picture commotion.

Where it isn’t exactly however great as the opposition may be in the night mode, where Google and Huawei dominate. The OnePlus doesn’t pull in very much light as its large name rivalry.

With all that said, it’s a generally excellent camera. It probably won’t be the most element-rich nowadays, nor offer a portion of the crazy night methods of Huawei and Google, yet it will not leave you baffled for regular catches.

Breathing life into Android

While the equipment on the Pro model may offer you that piece more contrasted with the OnePlus 7, the new programming highlights are accessible on the two gadgets. So you’re not actually going to miss out in such a manner.

As usual, OnePlus’ Oxygen OS is exceptionally light over the highest point of Google’s Android working framework. That implies not very many visual contrasts in surface-level UI plans. What OnePlus does – and progresses nicely – is offer customization apparatuses solidly in the standard programming. You don’t have to download a third-gathering launcher to change your symbol configuration, for example.

There are two or three components we observe to be very helpful. First is the capacity to recollect where you left the vehicle. Just swipe from left to right, mark the area if you’re in an open-air parking garage, and there’s a small guide to assist you with exploring back to it when you’re returning. For indoor vehicle leaves, there’s the choice to snap a picture. Another valuable element is Zen Mode which secures the Smartphone for 20 minutes; we were suspicious with regards to it in any case, however once actuated, it will not allow you to utilize the telephone except if you get a call or need to settle on a crisis decision. Put your telephone down, inhale, have some time off.


At 3,700mAh, the battery inside the OnePlus 7 is by and large equivalent to its 6T archetype. Which implies it’s fairly acceptable. In spite of being a more modest limit than the battery in the Pro model, it appears to get further mileage than its more top-notch kin.

There’s an agreeable entire day of juice in the telephone even with genuinely substantial utilization, however, we wouldn’t go to the extent that maxim you’ll get two days from it. With two or three hours of gaming, some web-based media use, and paying attention to music as the day progressed, we completed most days between 30-40 percent. With light/moderate use you’ll get to about a day-and-a-half prior to expecting to connect it once more.

With regards to charging, the OnePlus quick charging innovation probably won’t wow us with its speed any longer – on account of Huawei’s and Oppo’s quicker charging advancements – however at 20W, it’s actually sufficiently quick to get you out of a squeeze pretty sharpish. 30 minutes connected to its connector is sufficient to get you from 0 to around 60%.

In day-to-day existence, that is basically a salvage activity when you’ve neglected to connect it around evening time. Wake up, acknowledge with dismay that it’s not connected, slam the Type-C port into the telephone, go shower, get dressed, eat, and when you’re prepared to take off from the house and head to the workplace, it has sufficient juice to get you through the day.

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