Pakistan’s Women Cricket Team

Pakistan’s Women Cricket Team: A Story of Strength

In the light of the litany of success achieved by Pakistan’s Women Cricket Team, it is only fair to say our female cricket team is a saga of resilience, strength and, of course, talent.


How did the Women’s Cricket Team in Pakistan come into being?

Around 1979, physical activities and sports were approved as human rights in the International Charter of Physical Education and UNESCO. Twelve years after this event, two great Pakistani women, Sharmeen Khan and Shazia, put forward the idea of having a women’s cricket team. In reaction to Sharmeen and Shazia’s progressive proposal, they faced many death threats and backlash from some specific segments of society.


Both of these visionaries didn’t pay much heed to the constant threats, and finally, in 1997, they witnessed all of their efforts coming to fruition. Pakistan’s Women Cricket Team gave its debut in an ODI or One Day International. This was almost an incredible achievement for the country.  Even though our cricket team lost all three matches against Australia and New Zealand, representing Pakistan in such an important international forum was a victory on its own.


Today Pakistan’s Women Cricket pride itself for earning the 7th position on the ICC ranking with more than a hundred more countries. This gift is not inherently present in Pakistan, so it was earned solely through young Pakistani women’s determination and hard work.


What is the current state of Pakistan Women Cricket?

According to Pakistan news, our female cricket team has brought many international honours to Pakistan in a matter of thirty years. 

To pay tribute to our excellent cricket team, we will cover the most prominent members of the team in this article.


  • Sana Mir

In terms of cricket news Pakistan, you will see that Sana Mir is among the well-known names. She was deemed the country’s best off-spinner with around 113 ODIs to her credit; she has also led the team many times. 

Recently, Sana even topped the ranking of all bowlers in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC). 


  • Javeria Khan

Javeria is a 30 years old young woman famous for being the top batswoman and captain of our female cricket team.

Khan was born in Karachi, but here ethnic roots belong to KPK. Unlike most girls of her cultural background, Javeria was fortunate to get unlimited opportunities in her life. Being the intelligent daughter of intelligent parents, Javeria grabbed the best opportunities of all and evolved herself into one of the most coveted female cricketers in the team.


Javeria is a graduate in humanities with majors like Indian History, Economics and Geography. According to Javeria Khan, her cricketing career has helped her in her professional career and her personal life. It has calmed her down as a person, and she believes that by choosing this career, she has helped herself become a more rational individual.


  • Nashra Sandhu

A 20-year-old energetic girl hailed from Lahore to join the Women’s cricket team. She puts a great emphasis on fitness as she believes that fitness instils discipline. 

Sandhu is living proof that greatness can be achieved by combining the forces of veteran and aspiring cricketers.


The most hopeful and motivating aspect is that women from varying ethnic backgrounds pursue cricket as their ultimate career. That said, a lot still needs to be done regarding talent honing and hunting in Pakistan, especially when it comes to women. 

Fortunately, Pakistan Cricket Board has been supporting the women’s cricket team from day one. As a matter of fact, on the PCBs website, our women cricketers and their team are given equal promotions as men.


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