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Factors to Ponder before Availing of a Best Screen Printing Service

Best Screen Printing Service

When it comes to choosing a t-shirt for a screen printing service, one has to consider different factors. One of the things to consider for screen printing your t-shirts includes fabric types. If you choose the most suitable t-shirts for screen printing, you will make your customers happy. Therefore, before you avail of the screen printing service, you have to choose the right fabric tees. Only then you can expect your screen printing tees to stand out and inspire others. More often than not, customers choose soft fabric tees, besides eco-friendly and performance fabric t-shirts. Hence, choosing the right fabric tees for screen printing when you buy them online is vital.

Why Considering the T-Shirt Material (Fabric) Is Crucial for You?

If you have a knowledge of different kinds of fabrics, you will get your hands on ideal tees for screen printing service. The material is what defines a kind of garment. It is the material that distinguishes t-shirts as soft, durable, thick, or printable. You can utilize the following five types of t-shirts for screen printing:

  1. Basic Cotton T-Shirts: Basic cotton tees are traditional cotton tees. People have been using these tees for screen printing conventionally. These t-shirts are inexpensive, durable, and support screen printing well. Basic cotton t-shirts are the industry standard for screen printing designs for average customers.
  1. Ring-Spun Cotton T-Shirts: These t-shirts are expensive than basic cotton t-shirts because they support high-quality screen printing. Moreover, these t-shirts give wearers a softer feel than basic cotton. These tees are popular because they are trendy and offer you a luxurious feeling of cotton.
  1. Polyester and Synthetic Blend Tees: Polyester t-shirts are famous owing to their athletic attributes. For the same reason, sports teams and athletes opt for these t-shirts. Polyester tees are lightweight and moisture-wicking at the same time. These tees are challenging for printers to print as plastisol ink sits on their top and does not absorb. Dye migration is another issue with printing polyester tees. Hence, synthetic garments are difficult to print because these tees make water-based and discharge inks impractical.
  1. Cotton Blend Tees: These t-shirts are a blend of synthetic fabric and cotton. Cotton blend tees are moisture-wicking, lightweight, and durable. However, these tees are softer than cotton t-shirts but give you a more natural feel than synthetic blend tees. Nevertheless, these t-shirts are also arduous to print, like synthetic blend tees.
  1. Eco-friendly Tees: Eco-friendly fabric for tees include recycled polyester, bamboo, and rayon. Eco-friendly t-shirts are becoming popular with time because people have started to take environmental issues seriously. Different eco-friendly fabrics have different hand feel. Moreover, eco-friendly fabric tees undergo the screen printing process in different ways.

Once you decide on the right fabric tees for print, you should consult the best screen printing service for effective results.

What Else to Consider Besides a Fabric for Screen Printing?

Besides the material of a tee, you have to consider the fabric weight and thread count. Remember, heavy-weight fabric tees are more rigid and durable. Plus, t-shirts with higher thread counts are softer and support screen printing better owing to their tight weave.

Benefits of T-Shirt Screen Printing:-

Screen-printed t-shirts are beneficial for you in different ways, whether you are a business owner or a t-shirt enthusiast. Here are a few benefits you can expect from screen-printed t-shirts as a business owner or an individual.

  1. Branding: If you are a business owner, you can screen print your company logo on t-shirts for branding purposes. Conversely, you can screen print a unique design on your t-shirt as an individual to stand out in your circle.
  1. Awareness: If you are a business owner, you can utilize screen printing t-shirts to create awareness about your business to the masses. As an environmentally friendly person, you may screen print an eco-friendly message on your tee to convey an environmental-friendly message.
  1. Giveaways/Gift: You can enhance your business credibility if you utilize screen-printed tees with a business logo as giveaways for loyal customers. In contrast, an individual can give a screen-printed t-shirt as a gift to a friend who adores screen-printed tees.


If you have decided to screen printed t-shirts for any reason, you must consider some factors at first. You can utilize the screen printing service with the best results after choosing the right fabric tees for screen printing. You can choose Basic Cotton, Ring-Spun Cotton, Polyester, Cotton Blend, or Eco-friendly fabric tees for screen printing. In addition to fabric, you have to consider the thread count and weight of a fabric.

Fabric with a tight weave is considered ideal for screen printing service. You can benefit from screen printing t-shirts in different ways as a business owner or a t-shirt enthusiast. As a business owner, you can benefit from screen-printed tees to increase your brand awareness and credibility. Conversely, individuals may make the most out of screen printing service to stand out and convey a positive message to society.



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