Social Distancing

Social Distancing to prevent contagious disease

Social Distancing

The term social distancing is also described as physical distancing. It is a non-pharmaceutical formula from Greek mythology used to prevent the spread of contagious diseases by keeping the distance between two people, that is. noble coronavirus.

The essence is to lower the number of times people get close to each other so that, the chance of exposure to any sort of contagious disease decreases.

Several social distancing techniques are being used in the pandemic situation nowadays that as quarantine, isolation from other people, and restricting people not to move frequently. Drawbacks include loneliness, reduction in productivity, and loss of objectives associated with human interaction.

Social distancing is most effective when the disease is infectious and the chance of spread is possible by physical interaction between humans. The distance between two should be at least 6-feet or two arm’s length. We cannot overcome the chances of spread if the exposure is not by the person’s physical presence near you that is contaminated food.

Covid-19 has collapsed the world’s economy and turn out to be a global crisis. But, the world is opening up gradually with Standard operating procedures (SOPs). These SOPs include several steps to follow that as wearing masks, wash hands or use sanitisers frequently, and keeping the social distancing.

Use of Safety Signage in Pandemic Situations

Safety signage divides into four major categories that are: Prohibition, Warning, Mandatory, and Emergency. These all four are being used nowadays to prevent the spread of the infectious virus. Signage is the best way to make people recall what not to do for their best health. The most commonly used signs are A-signs, Window Clings, Sign Holders, and Floor Decals.


A-signs are usually used as warning signs placed on the floor. Nowadays these signboards are being used as directional and safety instruction signs. Such signs help people a lot especially when someone not knows much about the place and whereabouts.

Window Clings

Window clings draw the attention of the passersby about the regulations. If you are willing to operate your business normally, you should have to use social distancing window cling. It is the perfect solution to notify people. It is the perfect solution that will spread the healthcare message to your customers before entering the premises.

Sign Holders

Sign holders are usually used in hypermarkets. This signage method is used indoor and outdoor. The most amazing thing about its utility is that you can change the signs by yourself according to one needs. These can be used in commercial zones as well as in healthcare premises.

Social Distancing Floor Decals


Social Distancing floor decals are graphical stickers to remind people to keep a safe distance. These are excellent communication means for the visitors, employees, customers. New tech Display is the largest supplier of spreading awareness messages in the USA. They have Decal Stickers – 30 Pack 8″ Red Stand Floor Decal – Wait Here Sign Distance of 6 Feet Specialized Sticker Markers, for Crowd Control. Their quality peel-and-stick social distancing stickers can be used on all types of surfaces. These physical distancing decals are placed in areas in and around businesses where queuing takes place.

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