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Things to Know about Missouri Before Moving There

Here are a few facts about Missouri that you need to know before moving there. The state ranks high in health, education & jobs.

Situated in the heart of the Midwest, Missouri is home to an ice-cold beer and world-class barbecue. One of the best places to settle in, the low cost of living and affordable housing are the major attractions that make people hire a moving company to Missouri.

Here are more facts about the state that you need to know before hiring a mover to Missouri.

Healthcare is world-class here

One of the best things about Missouri is the healthcare here. There are two nationally-ranked hospitals at both sides of the state in Missouri – Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis and   St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City.

The state is highly tax-friendly

Missouri is ranked the 18th best state in the U.S. for being taxpayer-friendly. A retiree-friendly state, Missouri partially taxes Social Security income, fully taxes withdrawals from retirement accounts, and public pensions are partially taxed while private pensions are fully taxed.

The state’s coastline is longer than California

It would surprise you that Missouri’s coastline is longer than California. This is because the state has a large number of lakes. For a large number of lakes and long coastline, the outdoor recreation here is on a new level. The Lake of the Ozarks alone brings 1,150 miles of coastline.

Missouri is a sports heaven

Missouri is proud to be known as the home state of St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals. Both teams have a loyal fan base resulting in a state-wide rivalry known as the ‘Show-Me Series’ or the ‘I-70 Series’ because the two cities are connected by Interstate 70.

There are parks everywhere

After you reach Missouri, you will realize that most of the time you spend in parks as there are thousands of parks in the state and Missourians take advantage of their camping, fishing, hiking, and outdoor recreational opportunities here. The state also has more than 6,400 caves, to which companies even offer guided tours.

The barbeque here is famous

One of the best things about Missouri is the barbeque here. The state consumes more barbecued meat than any American. Kansas was once known across the country for its barbeque specialities.

Life is highly affordable in Missouri

While you need to spend high in other big cities for entertainment, you can have fun in Missouri without breaking the bank. There is a lot to explore in Missouri, especially in its cities. The streets, sights, and sounds in St. Louis, the world-class St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Science Center, the Art Museum, Missouri History Museum, Citygarden, the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tours, Grant’s Farm, the World Bird Sanctuary, and Cahokia Mounds, everything is free and open to all. Not a single dime spent.

The climate is extreme

One of the things you need to know before hiring a mover in Missouri is the state has a humid continental climate with cold and snowy winters and hot, humid summers. However, in the southern part of the state, the weather becomes humid subtropical.

The economy is growing

One of the best things about Missouri is that the economy is growing here. The state’s unemployment rate is 3.2%. The highest-growth industry is personal care, which will account for 38.3% of the job growth. Some of the biggest job-providing sectors are the construction industry and healthcare.

Housing is cheap in Missouri

The home prices are lower than the national average. In the past year, home values in Missouri rose by 8.5%, and currently, the median home value is $161,400.

Missouri is one of the best states to start a fresh chapter in life. Don’t think twice! Hire a moving company to Missouri as fast as you can.

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