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Tips for Online Grocery Shopping in Bangladesh 2021 best

Online shopping websites are very popular now in India. As of now, a large number of people prefer to buy everything from groceries to clothes online in Bangladesh. Not so long ago, the Indian public was wary of online shopping due to possible thefts, etc.

However, that has now changed. Just last year during Eid, internet portals made more profit as compared to retail stores. Hence, Bangladesh has come a long way from being the country of wary online shoppers to the country of millions of happy online shoppers.

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The future of grocery shopping be with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things may bring the much-awaited tech update to your online grocery shopping in Bangladesh experience.

Many aspects of our lives have changed since the invention of the Internet and smartphones. These technologies are available to people, organizations, and companies, and they make it possible to get nearly all of the information, products or services we need at the touch of a button. Although it changed many things in our lives, grocery shopping habits remain.

E-commerce has revolutionized many aspects of retail trade, but it has been largely limited to non-perishable consumer goods, including clothing and electronic devices. Experts are trying to take advantage of innovative technologies to change the online shopping experience, including virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, but most people (six out of ten in the UAE) still prefer the traditional way, i.e. going to the grocery store and choosing the products themselves.

And physical grocery shopping is still the preferred option because it ensures we get the products we want and choose the freshest. And the Internet of Things, which is getting closer than ever, may offer the awaited technical update to the grocery shopping experience. Thanks to the Internet of Things, handwritten shopping lists will disappear, products at home will not be spoiled and food will not be wasted.

The Internet of Things will change the future of grocery shopping with smart shelves, smart shopping carts and digital signage, and will allow smart refrigerators to create shopping lists and order needed merchandise. These are some of the most anticipated developments in the coming years for a personalized shopping experience thanks to the Internet of Things.

Tips for smart shopping

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The online shopping process is related to the products offered in stores without making a specific list of products in demand. They do not prepare a budget for expenditures, nor do they determine the aspects of spending in a proper manner, or at least take an interest in taking alternatives to save. Hence the emergence of so-called smart shopping.

Smart shopping is the new shopping concept that you need today to develop your financial awareness of the culture of rational consumption and help you make the right purchase decision. This is to achieve a satisfactory level when shopping by buying what you need in the least possible time as well.

How to shop smart

Here are the most important points that contribute significantly and directly to reducing waste when shopping by purchasing products that you do not need or do not achieve the required level of satisfaction.

1. Setting a budget for shopping 

You should start by setting a specific budget for shopping, based on the income and needs of the family. This is the first step for smart shopping to avoid randomly spending money. It is also necessary to conduct a comprehensive survey of the stores that have the required products to choose what is appropriate in terms of price and quality, as this contributes to saving money.

2. Determine the list of purchases before shopping

One of the most important conditions for smart shopping is not to rely on memory to monitor your purchases in shopping centres and stores. You should make a list of purchases and items you need before you go shopping so you don’t buy things you don’t need. This helps you not to go out of budget, and this list saves you time while shopping.

3. Don’t shop at peak time 

“Do not shop at peak time” because it is one of the most periods that sellers take advantage of to raise the prices of products, the greater the demand for a particular product, the greater the possibility of increasing its price. So try to keep the task of shopping away from peak seasons in order to avoid this increase in prices.

4. Do not shop once a month

Shopping on a monthly basis is undesirable consumer behaviour, to avoid buying products in large quantities that may not be suitable for storage for a month, in addition to that this method may make you spend extravagantly. Therefore, it is best to divide the shopping process several times a month.

5. Do not shop while you are hungry

One of the most effective steps is not to shop while you are hungry so as not to increase your chances of buying products that may be tempting at that moment but are unnecessary later.

6. Which is better, cart or cart

Many prefer to use the big cart instead of the small basket when shopping in the supermarket, but we must know that each of them has a use; If you do not plan your purchases in advance, do not take the shopping cart, because you will fill it with what you do not need, in this case, it is preferable to be satisfied with the basket.

7. Real Offers

There may be printed advertisements for offers available inside the store or supermarket, so get one of them and compare it with your list of purchases. You may find some products that you need on offer. But you need to make sure of the validity and quality of the products before buying them.

8. Review the invoice

When you reach the place of payment, review the invoice and monitor the price to ensure that there are no errors such as adding a product twice or other errors in the prices.

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