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6 Ultimate Guide to Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

Are local search results important?

Do they benefit your business? What will happen if you register your business with Google My Business? All these questions might have crossed your mind if you are a business operating in a local area. Irrespective of the years you have been in the business or revenue you generate through your clientele, more visibility never harms you.

Close to 46% of the total Google searches are related to local information, and 88% of these consumers visit or call businesses within a day. Well, that’s something and you shouldn’t ignore this data as a local SEO strategy is crucial in driving people to your store. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Google My Business optimization, creation, benefits and more.

Understanding Google My Business (GMB)

Your Business Profile lets you connect through two channels – Google Search and Maps. Once users search for something locally then a series of listings are shown along with a map on Google search results. Each listing contains essential information like a business’s phone number, work hours, address, website, etc. In the “near me” searches, which have seen a sudden increase, Google takes the location of users and showcases results that are closest to the users.

Advantages of Google My Business

Google aims to give their customers what they are looking for quickly and easily. GMB increases the overall visibility and conversions of local businesses. On top of it, it is a great way to collect ratings and reviews from your customers. You will get an idea of how you are performing and with top ratings and reviews, you will be able to stand out.

Know Your Business

It’s just an added advantage of creating a GMB profile that you get insights into your business. You can check the number of views your profile, photos, and posts receive along with the number of clicks on the website, phone number and direction. With the data, you can view the profile of your audiences like age group, gender and country. This will also help you in understanding the queries with which customers are finding your business and optimize your site accordingly.

How to Create a GMB Account

It is easy and free to create a GMB profile. Follows the steps to set up your account in no time.

Go To Google My Business’ Create Page

On the page, check if you have already created an account or there is an account that already exists with your business name. If you don’t have an account, then you can see a pop-up and a link that redirects to the “add your business” page.

1. Enter Business Name

Fill in your business name, which should be your actual business name and not a keyword as that might lead to the suspension of your listing.

2. Fill Out the Required Details

After submitting the business name, you will be required to enter a business category, location (optional), and address. These are significant details as customers will be able to find and know your business better, therefore, fill them correctly. Also, an incorrect phone number or address leaves a bad impression.

3. Possible Listings

At this stage, you will be shown listings that are registered in your area, which could be yours. Hence, check the list and if nothing matches with your profile then choose the option “none of these” and move on.

4. Areas You Serve

Now, you will get the option of whether you serve outside the given area or not. If you do then select all the areas where you serve.

5. Add Your Contact Details

In this step, you need to give the contact information that is visible to the customers. Also, add your website URL so that customers can visit your website, adding the website address increases your credibility and customers get to know more about your business. You can also opt-in to receive recommendations from Google as that will help you to make changes in future.

6. Verify And Manage Your Listing

You’re almost there as you just need to verify through an automated phone call or by a postcard to your business address. After completing this step, you can access your GMB dashboard and other essential details to help your customers.


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