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Which Yoga class to Choose for Yoga and Love to be Together?

Find out which yoga class to choose? How to determine the yoga session that suits us as a beginner? The Ashtanga Yoga Rishikesh yoga school offers you advice on how to register for the yoga course in Rishikesh you need.

How to choose a yoga class?

It is not easy to choose a yoga session when you are just starting. Find out what questions to ask yourself before you begin:

– I am looking for a more spiritual or intensive yoga

– I want to do series of exercises rather sporty and cardio

– I want spirituality and meditation

– I want to clear my head

– I want a complete yoga class including yoga postures and relaxation

– I want to be able to change my yoga style according to my desires

– I want to maintain my body

– I want to prepare for childbirth

– I want to rehabilitate my perineum

– I want to laugh

– I want to spend a peaceful night

– I want to be in the air and make my movements without being subjected to the earth’s weightlessness

– I want to detox

– I want to be in front of myself

– I want to practice in music

So many points to define before registering for a course. Many studios and clubs allow you to try a yoga class for free before final registration.

Which yoga class to choose among the different types of yoga sessions?

There are all styles of yoga depending on the goal.

Hatha, Iyengar, Fly, Bikram, Yin, Ashtanga, Viniyoga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, many studios have specialized in teaching types. They are constructive because each session follows according to the evolution of the group. The teacher establishes his course according to the advancement of the level.

More and more yoga clubs offer a large choice of disciplines giving access to different styles of practice: pilates, yoga, meditation, relaxation, etc.

Yoga and love to be together

Yoga and love rhyme together. Yoga teaches self-love. Loving oneself leads to loving the other. Find out why yoga and love are closely linked! Liberation of the heart, the mind, everything is there to love your neighbour, read our article to understand the mechanisms.

Why do yoga and love go hand in hand?

Doing yoga allows you to refocus on yourself and learn to love yourself while discovering yourself. The postures contribute greatly to this. Inverted positions teach you to gain self-confidence, to be daring and to control your emotions. They act on the mind and the body as a whole. Some exercises energize the mind, others the metabolic functions. By feeling better in his head and his body, the yogi frees his sexuality and his heart. Positive and vital energies circulate in him.

Duo yoga: a yoga for two to free your senses and find happiness

Doing yoga for two is an ideal practice to break free together. Duo yoga is good training in gaining confidence in the other. Let yourself be carried away by the other by closing your eyes, trusting them and feeling everything that passes in the head and the heart without restraint. Touch takes on its importance. It is an experience to be lived. Looking into each other’s eyes while lifting hand-in-hand is perfect for connecting. Is your companion your yogi partner? You never know what could happen!

Tantra yoga: yoga for lovers

Tantra yoga is a practice of connecting with the other. Tantric breathing brings practitioners together by freeing their minds and leaving room for bodily sensation. Each person vibrates with the other in the serenity and harmony of one for the other. A yogic practice not to be neglected to meet.

Yoga: source of happiness and loving energy

Whatever yogas are practised, certain positions allow the genital system to be released, which can be blocked without realizing it. The feeling of well-being and the breathing exercises free the heart and the mind. Everything is gathered so that yoga and love lead each practitioner on the path of a loving encounter for those who want it. Feeling good about yourself, having positive thinking makes us look brighter and therefore more attractive. Everyone to your yoga mats!

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